How to Maintain the Color of Microbladed Eyebrows

microblading aftercare

Who doesn’t want a perfectly filled natural eyebrow? Everyone does. Don’t you? However, not everyone has it since birth, and many lose it throughout the years due to severe skin conditions.

At that point, microblade comes to the rescue. Many people don’t know much about microblading eyebrows; it will be better to learn what microblade means and how it works before jumping into the aftercare.

Microblading is a procedure where a skilled technician uses a hand-controlled machine to draw strokes on your eyebrow and put pigments in them. It is similar to skin tattooing. However, microblading is a semi-permanent makeup that will fade away after a specific time, and you will have to visit the technician for the second application.

Microblading contains a lot more than inserting pigment on the skin. It requires a lot of work, care, and maintenance before and after microblading. Several conditions have impacts on making a person a good candidate for Microblading.

However, suppose you don’t have any critical skin condition that causes skin shedding or bleeding or don’t take medications such as Retin-A, eczema, etc. In that case, you can be a good candidate for Microblading.

If you turn out to be a good candidate for Microblading and do it anyway, you need to understand the microblading aftercare. Microblading may not be the crucial part but maintaining it afterward is a big deal. Microblading means many needles will cut your skin to make a line like hair and put pigments in there.

Your skin will become more sensitive after the procedure, and your technician will suggest you not touch or wet that area for the next 1 to 2 weeks. If you ever had tattoos, you will find the microblade aftercare similar to tattoo aftercare, but this time more intensively.

Start to End Aftercare Routine

  • Applying sunscreen on your microbladed eyebrows whenever you go out might help to prevent the color from fading away.

  • Do not splash water on your skin directly or stand under a shower without any protection for your eyebrows

  • Apply a plastic wrap on your eyebrows before you take a shower or bath to prevent your microbladed eyebrows from fading

  • Use products that create a barrier to resist water from touching your skin, such as Aquaphor before shower.

  • Avoid bleaching or exfoliating scrub to maintain the natural look of your recently Microbladed eyebrows. It will help if you also avoid that contains any chemical exfoliating or bleaching agents.

  • Instead of using any brow powder, try using a brow gel or mascara to enhance the naturally beautiful look of the microbladed eyebrows.

  • It will help if you don’t wash your face frequently or use harsh soap or face washes.

  • Look for the best sunscreen with more SPF for better protection.


Your dream of having naturally beautiful eyebrows now has a way to reach your reality. However, the focus must be on the microblading aftercare more than the procedure.

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