How Banners and Flags can help Boost Sales


Flags and banners are fast becoming the most sensible and effective marketing tool for businesses in all sectors. These innovative and custom-designed promotional tools function around all hours of the day and are observed in a variety of other messages. 

Graphics, words, logos and taglines are able to be added to banners and flags making sure that your specific message and brand are communicated to the general public. Increase your visibility with low-cost and adaptable banners and flags. 

It’s important to be aware that banners can be found in various types such as hang banners, banners on stands, outdoor and Vinyl Banners and the retractable type of banner.

Based on the International Sign Association, businesses are able to report an increase in sales of 10% when signs are installed or upgraded. Signs are “vital to companies” since they’re the “least expensive method for advertising.” 

Signage is successful as it draws new customers, creates a brand image for businesses, reminds them that they are in the area and can help create an environment for impulse sales.

Banners and flags can increase sales and are able to draw attention to an event and they provide steady returns on investments (ROI). The money you spend on banners and flags can be an effective element of a successful marketing plan.

If your budget for advertising is not enough, but you’re looking to impress your customer’s flags and banners could assist virtually every company or industry, including real estate, retail as well as restaurants, hospitality automobile dealerships, educational institutions such as daycare centers, and many more.

How to display Banners and Flags

Flags should be attractive and striking however, they should not be too busy and cluttered. Here are some suggestions for keeping your banners or flags in the spotlight.

  • Make sure that your flags are visible. It is easy for signs to become “lost in the midst” of other signs as well as traffic and landscaping. Location, visibility and location are important and you should be aware of the location you’re putting the banners and flags.
  • Make sure that your flag or banner is clear. Make sure that the fonts, colors and graphics are working together, and that there isn’t any being viewed as a rival.
  • Make use of banners and flags throughout the year, not only during sales. Think about keeping a couple of “sets” with flags that you can rotate throughout the year during seasonal and special occasions.

Why Banners and Flags Are Popular

Signage is always a clear sign that a business is growing and thriving. However, as the world grows more visually-oriented banners and flags have gained growing in popularity. Their versatility is appealing to entrepreneurs who need to stretch their marketing budgets and grow brand recognition.

Signs SA recognizes the importance of quality flags and banners particularly when marketing budgets are constrained. From design to concept and production, Signs SA experts are here to make sure that your company’s signage is consistent with your brand and message.

Get in touch with your local Signs SA team to discuss your ideas on banners and flags to aid in the growth of your business.

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