How To Use Vacuum Storage Bags Accurately

compression vacuum bags

What are compression vacuum bags?

As the name suggests vacuum compression bags help you in fixing storage problems for you while moving out or traveling. 

Vacuum bags suck the air inside the items that are put into them and their size is reduced. These bags also protect items from dust and moist, while giving you free space as well.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Putting Items in Compression Bags

A.First, you have to make sure that you’re using the right size of a compression vacuum bag. They come in various sizes, so choose the right size for your items.

  1. Don’t put wet or damp clothes or items on as it will harm your clothes.
  2. don’t overfill the bags with items

Things You Can Put in Compression Vacuum Bags

You can put your towels, bedsheets, duvets, bathroom towels, beach towels, floor mats, pillowcases, and any other nonfood items in the compression vacuum bags.

How to Use Compression Vacuum Bags?

When you have your items to put in the bag, open the bag on a flat floor or surface and remove the zip. Fold the materials carefully and put the items inside the bag. 

You can put one item on another, but do not overfill the bag. Make sure that there’s a gap between the edges of the clothes etc and the zip. Because when you remove the air, those extra few cms of space will seal together and improve the vacuum so that minimal air leaks from the compression vacuum bag.

With the clothes in place, use the plastic clip to seal the bags. Make sure the bag is completely sealed. The surest way is to run the clasp completely from one finish to another in the two ways, and afterward to run your hand along the entire length of the zoom among finger and thumb to guarantee that there’s no minuscule segment missed.

Put them in compression vacuum bags until you need them again to stop them from getting damp.

At the point when prepared, fix the valve top by unscrewing it, and afterward place the vacuum cleaner spout without any connections on it over the valve. You just need to squeeze it against the valve and afterward turn the vacuum on.

It will remove the air from the bag. You needn’t bother with an ideal seal against the valve, yet continue to squeeze it on immovably and the air will be removed.

Other Benefits of Compression Vacuum Bags

Pack your luggage so that you have more room in your suitcase when you go on a trip.

If you frequently travel for work and don’t want to check your luggage in, try compressing your items.

Pack your out-of-season clothes into the compression vacuum bags and use them later.

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