How can Calcium and vitamin D work together

Organic Calcium and Vitamin D Supplement

Your diet in a day directly fall affects the health of the body and more particularly on bones of the body. There are two kinds of nutrients one is vitamin D and another is calcium which works simultaneously to develop strong bones in our body. Therefore, it is very essential to consume vitamin A as well as calcium to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The role of Calcium in the body:

Organic Calcium and Vitamin D Supplement is one kind of mineral which is required for several activities in the body which includes the contraction of muscle as well as blood clotting. Most of the calcium is to be found in the teeth as well as in the bones of our body. But after a certain age of 25-30 people tend to lose the density of bones, so calcium plays a huge role in reducing the density of bones.

So it is very important to consume calcium in your diet as due to deficiency of calcium in diet the body automatically takes the calcium from the bones to carry out a function. Also, it may lead to the development of the disease “osteoporosis” due to insufficient intake of calcium in our body.

Organic Calcium and Vitamin D Supplement

The purpose of vitamin D in the body:

Vitamin D is well known for the sunshine vitamin which plays another huge role in the health of the bone. Proper intaking of vitamin D supplement may contribute to healthy bones, a strong immune system as well as the proper functioning of muscles in our body.

Vitamin D is very essential for our body as it absorbs calcium and saves from the problem of Hypocalcemia which is also known as low blood calcium. Further, Organic Calcium and Vitamin D Supplement is required for the growth of bones as well as remodeling.

Calcium requires vitamin D:

Even if you consume enough calcium then also it might not be sufficient for the health of the bones as the Vitamin D as well as organic calcium work simultaneously to have a healthy body.

  1. Calcium helps in building as well as maintaining the health of the body.

  2. Vitamin D enables the body to intake calcium.

Though the doses of standard diet depend on age, sex as well as the status of the hormone. The health organization which is government-regulated like the National Institute of Health provides some guidelines under which it is mentioned that the regular intake should be 1000 mg for people who are below the age of 50.

For the people whose age is more than 50,, it is required to consume at least 1200 mg due to the fact of increasing the density of bones with age. So it is very important to try to intake the recommended calcium via food to maintain a healthy body.

Some of the foods which are mentioned below which are rich in high calcium are :

  1. Fortified grain.

  2. Milk having low fat or not fat.

  3. Yogurt, low fat as well as plain.

  4. Soybeans.

  5. Canned salmon has edible bones.

  6. Tofu.

For the people who are below 70, It is advised to intake Vitamin D of 600 international units (IU) regularly. But after the age of 71, it is told to increase the consumption of vitamin D up to 800 International units (IU).

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