Glam Up Night Wear with Latest Kaftan Designs

Nightwear Kaftans

Kaftan originates from Arabia. It consists of layers that are draped over the body, forming a loose dress. Kaftan has evolved since women of power and wealth first wore it. Buy comfortable Nightwear Kaftans made with breathable fabrics online.

It became popular with hippies in the 1960s but fell out of favor as disco-goers returned to more revealing styles. Nowadays, the kaftan is modeled as nightwear during sleep or even for lounging around the house.

Though kaftan is now worn as nightwear, you might want to consider making it little revealing necklines and backless designs. You can even try different fabrics like silk or satin for added allure. So what are some of the tips for choosing Nightwear Kaftans?

1. Choose the Fabric that You Like

The essential tip in choosing kaftan for nightwear is to choose a fabric that suits your skin and body type. Kaftans made of thin fabric are also not advisable to wear for sleep, especially if you have sensitive skin or rash problems.

It is best to choose lightweight cotton fabrics when buying kaftans in the summer season. If you live in tropical countries like Singapore or Malaysia, where hot and humid weather prevails throughout the year, you can opt for thinner fabrics made of cotton or polyester blends. 

On the other hand, you should also try to avoid kaftans made of heavy materials like silk if your room is not air-conditioned. If you sweat profusely at night just by having your fan on, then bare chiffon or thin satin kaftans are not recommended either.

2. Choose a Color, Pattern, and Accessory that Suits your Personality

You can choose kaftan colors based on the color of your skin tone. For instance, if you have fair skin with pinkish undertones, you should avoid black or other dark colors since they will make you look pale. 

Instead, you should choose brighter colors that will make your skin sparkle, like powder blue or sapphire blue. For those who have tanned skin, black kaftans are perfect for nightwear since they make the skin look whiter.

For Asian women with dusky skin tones, indigo or black is also perfect for nightwear. Try to avoid bright or light colors that might make you look washed out. If you are not too keen on following the latest fashion trends, try wearing kaftans with ethnic patterns like paisley, geometric designs, floral, and stripes.

3. Match your Accessories

If you are the type of woman who likes dressing up in the morning when you’re getting ready to go out for work, then try to match your kaftan with accessories.

For instance, if you are wearing a blue kaftan with floral prints, wear it with silver accessories like earrings and bangles. You can also choose colorful beads or stones that will stand out against the plain fabric.


If you are wearing a white kaftan, try to avoid pairing it with colorful accessories. Simply go for silver or gold accessories instead. If you want to achieve a more natural look, then substitute your jewelry with hair bands and decorative combs that match the color of your kaftan. When choosing long floor-length kaftans, you can opt to wear them with bare feet and natural makeup.

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