How Safe Is USDT To Hold Money?

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In a world where we all know that Dao Crypto is indeed the future & is one of the most powerful assets to own, there is and must be a lot of discussion on its safety, security, authenticity, and of course, “Which one’s the best and why?”

There is no set scale to measure & rate the best one, they all come with their pros & cons which will indeed help you decide, “Which one’s the best based on which factor & why?”

Before discussing it any further, let’s first understand everything from U to S to D to USDT & by the end of it, you might figure out the answer yourself!

What is USDT?

Tether (USDT) is the third-largest cryptocurrency by need capitalization. It is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency released on the bitcoin blockchain via a protocol “Omni”.

This stablecoin is one of the biggest & most popular coins. As of 2021, this stable coin has successfully captured 75% of the Bitcoin and Dao Crypto trades.

USDT is the tokenized version of USD with each USDT being pegged by USD 

where 1 USDT = $1.

Unlike BTC or ETH, Tether has a completely different focus & fulfills a very different purpose such as:

  • Offering a very stable base for crypto trades.
  • Helping traders to cut out huge amounts of their trading costs.
  • Introducing a way to hold value in USD and helping in secure storage of finances in a trader’s wallets rather than in exchange accounts possessing security risks.

How Does it Work?

Let’s first discuss why they were created?

In a world where bitcoins rule the Crypto kingdom, what created the need for USDT? 

Well, the Tether currency was brought into the crypto world to solve 3 major issues :

  • To ease the national currency transfers, 
  • For providing a stable Bitcoin, and 
  • In order to create another choice for checking.

As already explained, this Dao Crypto coin has a value of $1 which makes it stable, safe & secure. Moreover, the blockchain can confirm the USDT in circulation and the TUSD which stands for the sum of USDT in circulation at any provided moment.

This charge must equal the amount in the bank account utilized by Tether Limited to send & accept the cash-on-hand to pay tethers on the Tether platform or the consumers. They have specialists for regular audits in order to check balances, deposits, withdrawals, and transfer reports.

Is USDT a Good Investment?

Tether and the whole array of Stablecoins were basically designed to overcome the drawbacks of the most powerful coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum with significantly wide swings in their pricing.

This creates USDT a method of storage of value and a medium of swap. It makes a much-needed bridge between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies showing strength, transparency, & minimal marketing expenses. 

According to a study by Cryptocompare, 57% of all the crypto trading was done in USDT in Feb 2021 & it continues to be a major source of liquidity in the crypto market.

And all this indeed makes it a good investment!

Why be Cautious About it?

While you are now sure about what USDT is and how good it can be, it’s important to walk through some of the concerns raised about it and why you should be cautious about USDT.

Even though it can facilitate crypto-trading, transfer money, the lack of transparency and regulation has been a topic of discussion.

Some of the concerns are:

i) It is Only Backed by 2.9% in Cash Reserves (Rest Comes In other Forms)

Holding USDT is apparently not the same as holding U.S. dollars. Its price might be pegged by USD but if there was a run on Tether, a significantly large number of people tried to swap it with USD making it doubtful if the company would have enough cash to payout.

Even though the claims suggest it is backed by USDT, the reality is a bit more complex than that. It is being backed by a mix of:

  • Cash
  • Cash Equivalents
  • Corporate bonds
  • Secured loans
  • And other investments

ii) Tether’s Failure Can Cause a Significant Loss to The Whole Crypto Industry.

While stablecoins as a whole have been a concern for the Federal Reserve, but now it’s beginning to single out USDT in particular.

The concern is that Tether is working similarly as a bank or other monetary organization and that too with practically no guidelines that banks observe to get buyers and prevent economic crises. Which eventually creates a push for stricter stablecoin regulation — to protect both the economy and the crypto industry.

Is USDT Safe to Hold Money?

Well now that you got to know both sides of the coin, surely you know about it all but let’s sum it up here!

Tether is a stablecoin with a lot of demand as it overcomes some key drawbacks of the crypto-king coins. It also offers a way for investors to avoid the extreme volatility of other crypto coins. 

By moving worth to USDT, a dealer may effectively diminish their dangers of openness to the irregular drop in the cost of cryptographic forms of money. It is also much quicker & cheaper to transfer BTC into Tether rather than to USD.


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