How to improve the security of mobile apps?


Nobody had ever thought that mobile phones will become such a big thing in the upcoming future. Using a wireless device for communicating with people sitting at different locations was surely an improved version of the landline telephone but using mobile phones for watching videos, sharing photos, chatting and even running a business was surely a surprise to the whole world. In the current era, mobile phone market has surely become one of the most gigantic markets in the whole world. From Asia to America, mobile phone sales are increasing in every part of the world and one of the most important parts of the new-gen mobile phones are mobile apps.

If you are using a smart phone then it must have mobile apps because a smartphone without mobile apps is like a computer without the essential software. From transferring money to reading word files, mobile apps are used in each and every advanced process of mobile phones. And now each and every type of business is also taking advantage of the mobile app revolution and coming up with their own mobile apps. But one of the most important things to look at in your business mobile app is its security. In this blog post, we are going to discuss some of the best ways for securing your mobile app.

Keep your code secure

Although there are many ways to secure your mobile app, the initial stage begins with securing the cod that you are going to write for your mobile app. The developers that are going to write the app should secure their code right from the start. Unlike web apps, the security of which depends on the server, native mobile apps are stored directly to a user device. You should never give any type of malicious software any chance to hack your mobile app. The best way to do it is to encrypt the source code of your app. You can check this through quality assurance during the app development process. Through quality assurance, you can be sure that there are no security gaps or errors that can result into data leak.

Secure the API

You should know that app API is one of the most important parts of any mobile app and this is why if you will not take proper care, it can become one of the most vulnerable parts of any mobile app. It doesn’t matter which type of mobile app you are developing, each and every type of app must receive an API permission key before they can interact or alter anything on the mobile platform that you are working on. You can step up the level of mobile app security by incorporating an API gateway. By using the API gateway in your mobile app, you will be able to enhance the security of your mobile app by many folds. So, the next time you are going to develop a mobile app, keep the API in your mind.

High level authentication is very necessary

Although there are many reasons that lead to vulnerable mobile app but one of the most important things due to which most of the data leak happens on mobile devices is weak authentication. Authentication often relates to password. You should know that as a developer, it is your duty to support your users so that they can stay concerned about their password. For example, you can make your apps so that it accepts only strong alphanumeric password that needs to be changed after every three months. This way, you will be able to make authentication process of your mobile app strong in terms of authentication.

Hire a security team

One of the best things that you can do in order to keep your mobile app secure is to hire a security team. But you should not hire a security team at the end because that will be of no use. If you are looking forward to keeping your mobile app secure then you should hire a security team for it, right from the beginning. By allocating sufficient resources to your security, you will be able to dedicate a team of security specialist that will make sure that any type of vulnerabilities are not left during the app development process. This team will design and implement security measures that will keep your mobile app secure from each and every type of safety vulnerabilities.

Impose access policies

As a developer, you can enhance the security of your mobile application by using exclusive secure libraries and frameworks. You should make sure that the app follows the company’s policies and guidelines during the app development process in addition to complying with the local guidelines.

If you will use all the tips mentioned in this blog post then you will be able to keep your mobile app safe and secure from each and every type of vulnerability.

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