How to Reduce Household Waste


Whether it’s your moral compass or the local authorities that are making you reduce your household waste, we’ve got all the tips you need to do it.

There are several counties across the country that are now looking to encourage people to reduce waste and improve their recycling habits. But while organisations and businesses across the nation have already been held accountable, there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done in the home.

Even if you think you’re doing your bit, there are so many ways to be more mindful of the environment each day.

Hire a skip for bulky items

The first step to reducing household waste is to start with a clean slate. Before trying to tackle everything at once, it’s a good idea to get all the clutter and unused items out of the house. Skip hire North Wales is an affordable way to get everything out of the house in one fell swoop. Plus, there’s nothing more frustrating than having no room in the bin because of bulky items. And those bulky items won’t get taken by the bin men if they’re not in the actual bin. It’s a vicious circle – but a skip solves all those problems.

Reduce packaging

If you avoid buying overly packaged products from the supermarket, you’re working on the problem from the source. Rather than bringing more plastics and packaging into the home and having to find a way to recycle them, reducing the amount that actually comes home with you is much easier.

Actively lookout for items that use paper packaging and biodegradable trays, so that when it is disposed of, it will decompose rather than end up in landfill.

Use a compost bin

For households with a lot of food or garden waste, a compost bin can help you reuse all that waste. Everything from food to leaves can go in a compost bin, and within a few months, you’ll have a natural fertiliser for your garden.

Stop buying plastic bags

We all know that guilty feeling when you get to the supermarket and realise you’ve not brought a Bag for Life. Even in this situation, however, you can still throw everything into the boot and grab a bag when you get home. Whether you invest in good shopping bags or simply reuse plastic bags from past trips, you’ll be saving yourself money and reducing the number of bags that get thrown into the ocean or landfill.

Properly organise your recycling

We’re all guilty of throwing things away without recycling them. Or, throwing away recyclable items without breaking them down into different materials. If you add a recycling bag into your house, near to the bin, you’ll find it much easier to keep up the habit and separate items into recyclable and general waste. To make sure there’s enough room for everything, you squash down cardboard boxes and milk bottles before putting them in the bin. With more room, you’ll be more likely to recycle more.

Although relatively small, these changes can be practiced every day to make the world a slightly better place.

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