Steps to Maximize Your Score in PTE Reading Like a Pro!

PTE Reading

Reading is a skill that you need to improve if you want to gain points during PTE Academic. You will need to enhance the speed of reading a passage & grasping the content at the same time. It will help you to refine your grammar, writing, and vocabulary skills. And this will happen only when you practice reading on a regular basis.

Let’s see how you can maximize your reading score in PTE and crack it brilliantly.

Improve Your PTE Reading Practice with These Tasks:

● Read short articles that are around 300-400 words

● Read often for a short time

● Aim to read at least 200 words per minute.

Tips & Tricks to Maximize Your Reading Score in PTE

  • Read at a Normal Speed

Reading should be crisp & clear, and this is tricky because you need to speak accurately as you can so that the computer picks it up. If you want to perform desirably, you should speak at a normal speed, not too slow or fast. Also, keep in mind to avoid unusual pauses and fillers like ‘ums’ and ‘aahs’. The system can take it as an error and bring your marks down.

  • Do not Overemphasize Your Accent

Most of the time, candidates feel that they need to speak in an American or British accent to get a better score. But this is not true. The computer does not understand any particular accent or give extra marks to some accent, so speak as you usually do and express every word with the proper pronunciation. And without any unnecessary gaps and pauses.

  • It’s all about Time Management!

The reading module will provide a collective time. So, you will need to figure out how much time you can spend on each question. While looking for an answer, keep an eye on the clock to avoid mismanagement of time.

When you encounter any tricky question, do not spend much time overthinking. Be aware of the time you are using with each question. During the PTE Practice session, identify the question-types that take up most of your time. In this way, you can take certain steps to divide your time according to the weightage of the marks each question carries

  • Skimming and Scanning

You need to employ methods of skimming and scanning for effective time management

Skimming: It works best when you’re short of time. Skimming means you can look through the material by not reading every word. You need to extract the central idea from every passage.

Scanning: It works best when you want accurate information in the reading passage. Your focus should be on keywords. Do not try to understand the meaning of the paragraph, instead search for what you are looking for.

Some Tips & Tricks to Deal with Each of the Reading Questions:

  • MCQ Choose Single Answer:

First, attentively read the question and figure out what the question wants. Search if the “NOT” word is used in the question and select the correct option. To find out the answer read the paragraph carefully. And now, match the answer with the choices given to you.

  • MCQ Choose Multiple Answers:

Understand what the demand of the question is. Go through all the options. This question also carries negative marking, so be careful while choosing.

  • Re-Order Paragraph:

In this, analysis of the introductory sentences is a must. Read from the choices and try to get the central idea. Join the next one for a logical statement and repeat the process. Also, keep in mind to proofread the answer.

  • Fill in the Blanks:

In these two sections, it is all about phrases that are often used together. Read the passage and choices given to you. At some point, you can apply grammar rules to find the answer quickly. Attempt the easiest one first and proofread the paragraph at last.

All Decked up for the Reading Module!

The reading module in the PTE Academic exam offers a tough test of candidate’s reading comprehension skills. You can easily score like a pro with these intelligent PTE tips & tricks for reading. When your abilities gradually improve, you will feel more confident to answer them quickly and correctly. It ultimately boosts your score, and you can score higher. 

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