Internet Marketing Scholarships by IGFollowers UK

Internet Marketing Scholarships

If you have exceptional writing skills, then you can win $1000 by simply creating eye-catching content.

More or less about a decade ago, the advent of social media brought revolution in our lives. Most importantly, it entirely changed the global marketing landscape.

The powerful digital marketing strategies replaced the traditional marketing methods. Digital marketing strategies aren’t just powerful but cost effective as well. At present, internet marketing is considered one of the most crucial things for everyone, no matter business, brand, celebrity or personals. All of them are entirely dependent on the internet for sake of getting fame or promotions. The Internet makes you available several effective ways to get instant fame.

The people all over the UK opt to buy UK Instagram followers, Facebook likes, and Twitter followers etc to be on the top of social media platforms as social media serves as an effective platform when it comes to promoting any business or services.

Here at IGFollowers, we strive day and night to assist you in getting fame with the utmost ease with our fresh ideas. We also have an amazing thing to reveal to all the students, which is our Bi-Annual Scholarships. All you need to do to get this scholarship is create engaging and eye-catching content and you are done to be a part of this incredible competition.

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Are you ready to get started?

If you think you are proficient at writing, just give us your thoughts about one of the following titles in about 500 to 1500 words and this way, you can win this scholarship if you are amongst top three lucky winners.

We promise you to be fair at selecting top three winners and all of them will get a scholarship of $1000 each. How will you get this? We will send the scholarships of lucky winners to their institution’s financial aid office.

The title for summer scholarship 2018 (June and July):

  • The last date for the submission is 15th July 2018.
  • Winner will be announced on 30th July 2018.
  • The scholarship will be sent to winners on the first week of August 2018.

The title for winter scholarship 2018 (November and December):

  • The last date for the submission is 15th November 2018.
  • Winner will be announced on 30th November 2018.
  • The scholarship will be sent to winners on the first week of December 2018.

Eligibility Criteria for Participation

Before you take part in this competition, you need to confirm if you are eligible for this or not. Have a look at the following points to make sure you are suitable for this scholarship by IGFollowers.

  • You are eligible if you are enrolled in full-time courses of any college or university.
  • You can apply for both scholarships but single entry per scholarship is allowed i.e. multiple entries will be disregarded.
  • You are eligible for applying if you are of age 18 to 25.
  • Before applying to this, you must notify your financial aid office as we send your scholarship there, in case you win. We want you to send us the address of your institution’s financial aid office too.
  • The submission is allowed in no language other than English.
  • In case of false or misleading information, you will automatically be expelled or banned permanently for this fantastic opportunity forever.

Submission and Entry for Internet Marketing Scholarship

If you are done with writing your essay on one of the above-listed topics, you need to submit it. Our submission process is simple as well as absolutely free.

  • Utilize the form for the successful submission of your content. You can see the form below on our website.
  • Inside document, you must also have a few other things listed below, other than content.
  • Name of institute you are enrolled in.
  • Name of the course you are engaged in.
  • Email address of your institute.
  • Any proof that confirms that you are studying currently.

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Make sure to try your best as you will be judged on several attributes which may include your writing style, clarity, use of words, facts and figures to supports claims etc. Lots of Luck!

How to Promote Education on Instagram?

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