Classic Ideas to Design & Decor Your Front Door


Front Door is the doorway to the remainder of the house; similarly to how the eyes are thought to be windows into a person’s soul, the front door is thought to be an insight into a person’s home.

The front door is both an aesthetic and a functional and necessary feature of a property in terms of security. So it’s critical for a designer not to hurry into choosing a front door because the goal is to guarantee that it improves the overall look of the house.

Front doors attract and greet visitors; consider them the first embrace a visitor receives when entering your home. Doors draw notice and, if well-built and constructed, can repel robbers and other intruders.

Classic Ideas to Decorate Your Front Door

Let us now have a quick overview of the designs and ideas to decorate the main entrance of your home from which your house can be overviewed. These are the vintage yet classy designs that you can ask hardware manufacturers in India to build for you.


  • Design of a Single Wooden Door with Square Embossment

Choose a front door design with square embossments, particularly on the base of a wooden door, to give the property a modern yet woody aspect. This gives the door a lovely and friendly appearance, and it works well in both classic and contemporary homes. While the overall appearance is straightforward, it is incredibly inviting.

  • Panels made of glass

If you prefer a single wooden door design but also want room on each side of the entry, consider placing glass panels on the sides. Glass panels allow light to enter the home and provide the illusion of a larger entryway. They are an excellent technique to make the property seem more attractive and attract more attention from guests.

  • Utilize an Iron

Wrought iron doors appear stunning; in fact, many designers build ornate iron designs and then beautify the surrounding area with flowers and plants.

  • The Dutch Door

Many interior designers choose to use Dutch doors in their clients’ houses. Dutch doors are a sensible way for letting natural light in while keeping dogs and children inside. Dutch doors are appropriate for front, side, and rear entrances. They’re also useful in today’s environment for accepting deliveries without having to open the full front door.

  • Patterns that are asymmetric

Asymmetric designs on front doors look fantastic, especially if the house is created in a cutting-edge and modern style. The use of wood and glass gives it a contemporary feel while also allowing natural light to pour in.

On the side, the designer has added a single glass panel to give the entrance greater depth and the appearance of being larger.

  • Apply Patina

Patina is a great way to give the entrance door an intriguing, vacation-y atmosphere. Make a front door out of copper. Make use of one-of-a-kind historic knockers. To complete the image, add a pathway going up to the front door made of wood or glass.

  • The Distinguished Red Door

Many homes have a trademark red door; if you want to give your front door a similar look, paint it a bright red. To make the entrance stand out more, paint the remainder of the home in a single neutral tone of white. These doors are ideal for a farmhouse. With aluminium window handle lock, this pattern gives astonishing look to the gateway to your house.

  • Vintage Door

Do you collect antiques? Install an old-fashioned front door. Many consumers like to have a front door from a different age; you may either discover doors that meet this criterion or make one using glass, paints, and other high-quality materials. Transitional interior design works nicely with antique doors.


It is critical to ensure that your front door is unique, from selecting the proper colour to the appropriate materials. Choose a front door that meets the needs of the home, from providing seclusion to keeping the overall appearance.

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