Window Lock – An Essential Constituent of Windows Interior


Aluminum window locks are a crucial component of any home security system. A property must have high-quality window locks to make it safe and secure and prevent burglars from trying to break in. ERA offers a large selection of trustworthy casement window locks covered by a 10-year mechanical warranty.

From a straightforward espagnolette to a sturdy double cam lock and the incredibly adaptable non-croppable shoot bolt system. When evaluating security choices for your house, there are several types of window locks to pick from.

Keys for locks

A key is needed to open or close the window with this style of lock. It may be installed on the window frame or sash and is effective with sliding, single-hung, and double-hung windows. If you want to use this style of aluminum window lock, keep track of the key.

Latches on windows

Window locks are commonplace to you. When a window is closed, the top of the window sash locks the two pieces of the window together. Both single and double-hung windows can use them. You only need to turn the latch’s handle to lock or unlock the window.

Window Sliding Locks

These locks are inserted into a sliding window’s track to stop it from opening. Lever or thumbscrew locks of this sort are both available. If a lever controls the sliding window lock, twisting the lever is necessary to lock and unlock the window. You must turn a wing nut to secure the safety and keep the window from opening if it employs a thumbscrew. Even use keys to sure sliding window locks.

Breathable locks

On the window frame, above the sash, is a ventilating lock. It includes an adjustable pin that keeps it from fully opening when positioned above the window. The window can fully open if the pin is moved aside.

Wedge Locks with Hinges

A hinged wedge lock restricts the opening of a double-hung window. If mounted just above the sash, it can prevent a closed window from the beginning until you slide the lock inside to enable the door to open entirely. If positioned higher on the window frame, the window can be partially opened but not farther without pushing the lock inside.

Accordion Latches

These latches often referred to as top-hung window locks, can be used to secure top-hung windows, including awning and casement windows. To keep the window closed, you mount them on the window frame and fold the lockdown. The latch may be opened by pulling it up, allowing your window to open.

Lagged screws

Lag screws are a low-cost solution for double-hung windows. On the left and right sides of the window sash, you can drill holes and then screw in the washer-recessed screws. The screws may be tightened with a unique key. With this option, you can lock the windows even if they are only half open.

Rotating Action Locks

Self-locking is used in these locks to stop a closed window from opening. It works well with most double-hung windows and doesn’t require a key. It turns from left to suitable releases an aluminum window lock with a swivel movement.

Digital locks

Intelligent locks are electronic locks that can be opened without a key. Instead, you may use your smartphone or a code to unlock intelligent locks. You may use this technology to give the code to friends, relatives, or anyone who requires access to your house.

Although smart locks are most frequently seen on front and rear doors, sensors are also available for windows. You may check the security of your home by using sensors to determine if your windows are secured or unlocked, closed or open.

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We provide a wide range of aluminum window locks to accommodate every application and client’s demands. To provide a fully secure window system, many of our systems comply with PAS 24 regulations and are guaranteed by the Total Security Guarantee, along with our casement window handles and security hinges.

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