5 Things You Should Pay Attention to When You Go on Holiday by Car

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There is actually nothing more fun than going on holiday by car. The freedom that travelling by car gives is wonderful. You can go where you want and can discover just a little more of a destination, because you can literally deviate from the beaten track. 

Whether you go camping or spend the night in hotels, a car holiday is always a good idea! But what should you take into account when you go on holiday by car? Of course you don’t want to let the fun be ruined by unpleasant situations that could have been prevented with good preparation. In this article we therefore share five things you should pay attention to when travelling by car.

Well Prepared With the Car on Holiday, With Good Car Insurance

A city trip within Europe, a week of sightseeing in Italy or winter sports. These delightful prospects are all within easy reach if you travel by car. You can get off or stop whenever you want, which gives you even more freedom. Good preparation is a must for this. This way you avoid unpleasant situations. Such as car breakdown, car damage or other unforeseen experiences that you are not waiting for. Good car insurance is therefore necessity number one.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Travelling by Car

1. Make Sure You Have the Important Documents Within Reach

When you travel by car within Europe, you often cross several borders. So keep your most important documents within reach. Such as your passport, health insurance card and car papers. Make sure to also make a copy of the car insurance policy.

2. Check Your Car Insurance 

Another important thing to pay attention to when travelling by car is to check your car insurance. What is or is not covered by the cover? Think of roadside assistance, window damage, towing away your car, etc. 

Taking out your car insurance is a priority, but even if you already have it, it is therefore important to check it. Is your current car insurance sufficient for your holiday? These days, taking out or switching can easily be done online.

3. Check and Update Your Navigation Device

Is your car equipped with a navigation system or do you use a separate one? Then check whether it is still working properly. Also check to see if there are any updates. This applies to both the final destination and the countries you cross. There is nothing more annoying than a failing navigation system in the narrow alleys of Paris. Not knowing the way is quite detrimental to the holiday fun and is simply a waste of time!

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4. Give Your Car a Major Overhaul

You will be travelling by car, so be extra nice. Treat your car to a major service well before departure. Have the oil, brakes and lighting checked. Is there still enough tread on the tires and do these standards also apply in the country of destination? If you travel by car in winter, also check whether there is a winter tire requirement. In some countries this is also mandatory without snow. This can save you a lot of money and slips.

5. Order the Correct Car Vignettes

If you travel by car, you may also need a car vignette. This is mandatory in Austria and Switzerland, but also in Slovenia and some parts of Germany. In the Czech Republic and Bulgaria you must also stick a vignette on the windscreen of your car. You can easily order them online. For example for a week or a month.

Tip! In some countries you will also have to deal with toll roads. So make sure you have some change in a jar. That travels faster than if you constantly have to look for your debit card.

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