World News Breaking: Sanna Marin Faces Backlash After Dancing Video Leaks


world news breaking is the Sanna Marin took office as the country’s prime minister in 2019. She became the world’s youngest prime minister at the age of 34, surpassing New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s previous record. Personal life. 

world news breaking is the Marin and her partner Markus Räikkönen welcomed their first child in January 2018. Marin and Räikkönen, who works in communications, will marry in August 2020 at the prime minister’s official house, Kesäranta. Her ability to do some major dancing moves has earned her both praise and criticism.

Sanna Marin Faces Backlash After Dancing Video Leaks

Leaked social media images from the world news breaking showing Marin, 36, dancing at what looks to be a private party with pals sparked outrage earlier this week. According to Finnish media, people in the films, which were put on Instagram stories, can be heard yelling about cocaine, the Associated Press said. According to The Guardian, Marin said the video was shot “a few weeks ago.”

Opposition party members have demanded that Marin take a drug test and make the findings public, implying that her behaviors are unsuitable for a prime minister. Opposition leader Riikka Purra expressed “concern” over her activities. 

Marin stated at a news conference on Thursday that she did not use drugs or drink excessively during the party. On Friday, she oblige to alter her mind and submit to a drug test. “There have been strong allegations that I have utilized opioids in recent days. These charges strike me as substantial and weighty. 

Although I believe the demand for a drug test is excessive, I have taken a drug test today (August 18) in order to clear such suspects “Finnish radio YLE reported PM Marin as saying. She also mentioned that the test results are due within a week.

“I’ve danced, sang, rejoiced, and done the law,” she explained.

Marin express her disappointment that the videos disseminate. “I assume that because the recording are private and were publish during a private event, they disseminate,” Marin add. “It hurts that they were public.”

She also stated that she sees no need to alter her conduct. “I’m going to be precisely the same person I’ve been up until now, and I hope that’s okay,” the Prime Minister remarked.

Aleksi Valavuori, a Finnish television broadcaster, attacked Marin‘s actions in the video, stating they demonstrated the leader’s ineptitude.

Many others on social media are defending Marin’s right to party, claiming focusing on her activities is sexist and incorrect.

Have you seen the rest of the globe yet? “I’d kill for a leader whose biggest controversy is drinking and dancing with pals,” a Twitter user said.

“She’s intelligent, ethical, and stunning… She understands how to act in the political arena….and now we see she can party and move. “They’re just cheap attacks from haters,” another said.

Marin’s social activities criticizen previously. Last December, critics accused Marin of being careless with COVID measures because world news breaking she partied immediately after a coworker tested positive for the coronavirus. 

There were no regulations broken by the Prime Minister.

She was inform she didn’t need to isolate since she had been completely vaccinat, but she subsequently miss a text telling her she should. Critics question her decision to remain alone until the test results came back negative.

Marin has frequently been in the news for her decision to attend parties and music festivals. She has responded by saying, “I have a family life, a job life, and spare time to spend with my friends.” “Pretty much like a lot of people my age”.

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