Is Professional Year Program Compulsory for IT Students?

Professional Year Program

Yes, students must undergo a PY Program because it helps to boost their existing skills and also results in personality development.

The program is meant for both graduate pass outs from Australian and non-Australian universities who wish to seek a job in Australia specifically. The program helps individuals to learn a lot about the workplace experience.

It prepares them to face the corporate atmosphere much before they join it. The Professional Year Program lasts for one year and is highly helpful for students who have completed their education in accounting engineering and computer science.

What is the Professional Year Program all about?

The 12 monthly skill training program identifies the gap between the required and existing skills of the students to fulfill it with adequate training and exposure. 

Both Australian and non-Australian students are eligible for the program that exposes them to proper guidance and opportunities.

It lets them achieve their ambitions far easier by introducing upcoming challenges from beforehand. The students undergoing the program will be certified at the end.

Who All should Undergo PY Program?

Individuals who wish to acquire a permanent resident ship in the country of Australia must go for the skill development program.

The non-academic program helps the students to build a lot of confidence by giving work experience and a lot of extra knowledge that can let them sail smoothly in the upcoming future. 

The course just takes one year to complete and grooms individuals to apply for a professional career of types. As a much-known fact, the program is mandatory and the department of immigration and border protection duly recognizes it. It is advocated and approved by the concerned authorities for the betterment of the students.

  • Graduates who have completed education in either Engineering, Computer Science, or accounting from Australian University are eligible to apply for the PY Program.
  • Students must have temporary visa subclass 485 and they should not be more than 50 years of age. Every student should also have a set of relevant skills that can readily let them pick up the essentials of the skill development program.
  • Students who do not belong to Australian Universities can also apply for the PY Program. They must have temporary visa subclass 476
  • It is highly necessary to apply for Visa subclass 485 as it helps the students to extend their stay in Australia for 18 months after completion of education.

Professional Year Program

Benefits of Enrolling in the PY Program

A student who pursues the skill development program embraces the following key benefits-

  • It helps to boost professional communication skills that make it easy to interact in the upcoming workplaces.
  • Students get to receive a few extra points which are beneficial for their overall career.
  • The program introduces students to Australian workplace culture and practices
  • Individuals can acquire a lot of experience through the internships of the program.
Is It a Government-Recognized Program?

The Professional Year Program is duly recognized and stamped by the Australian government. Students from different education fields can enroll for acquiring some extra skills that can enhance their communication and personality development skills.

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