Vastu Tips to fill your Home With Positive Energy

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Vastu Shastra is a discipline of architecture that focuses on arranging objects and property to bring happiness and health. Vastu solution astrologer in Maharashtra emphasis is on the appropriate combination of natural and man-made objects.

It has the potential to improve one’s health, lifestyle, and thought process. Here are 5 Vastu ways to infuse more positive energy into your home.

1. Get Rid of the Clutters

Cleaning and de-cluttering are the most important aspects of inviting/restoring peace to your home. We say this because clutter interferes with the flow of positive energy.

As a result, quit overloading your home with clothes, stationery, and other random goods. Throw away broken items and give anything that you no longer use. Clean the house regularly to lessen the effects of bad vibrations.

2. Mind the Colours 

The colours you choose can have a big impact on how peaceful and lovely your home looks. Lighter tones, such as white, are favored for infusing a relaxing mood into your interiors. 

However, because a fully white house can be monotonous, you can employ softer tones of any rainbow’s seven colours.

3. Get Down with the North-Facing Entrance

When building or purchasing a new home, pay close attention to the location of the main door.

According to Vastu principles Vastu solution astrologer in Maharashtra, the main entrance should be built in the north or northeast so that your face remains in the same direction as you leave the house.

This is because the north and northeast directions are seen to represent development and victory in life.

4. Make the Path for Entry of the Sunlight

It is critical to allow adequate sunshine into the home since it is a source of Vitamin D, which is essential for optimum health. It can also help with symptoms of low mood, stress, and depression.

As a result, ensure that your property has plenty of windows and balconies. Also, open your blinds and drapes first thing in the morning to allow sunlight to flood your home.’

5. Add Some Mirrors

Vastu experts advocate that mirrors decorate a home because they reflect positive energy and attract riches. However, mirror placement is critical for the greatest results.

Mirrors should never be placed in front of the bed or facing the main entrance. If you have no other choice, place the mirror next to the bed to eliminate reflections.

  • According to the North-East direction of Ketu, having the leading staircase near the main door entrance is unfavorable since it is a sign of illusion and is deemed less auspicious.
  • North East is the finest direction for a Pooja Room because it is Jupiter’s direction.
  • According to our Astro Friend Chirag, paintings with magnificent views of rivers or oceans, or works of art depicting flowing water and seascapes, bring a lot of good luck into your life.

6. Welcome Home Positive Energy

An open, friendly, and elegant entrance also invites positive energy. It passes through the front entrance, so make it friendly and clear of obstructions. Allow the energy to flow through your home, filling it with health, riches, and happiness. Ensure there is no window or door directly opposite the front entrance, or the energy will immediately flow through it.

7. The magnetic colour 

Each colour in nature has an important job to perform in the world. Light colours or white are always preferred in the home, but it is preferable to add some colour to it. Earth tones, in particular, add a relaxing atmosphere to a place. The rainbow’s seven colours can help convey a nice vibration into the environment while also looking wonderful. Include colours in your home and notice the difference it makes.


It would help if you made out the things as per astrology with the following tips for Vastu solution astrologers in Maharashtra. All of these can help one to get down with great things without fail.

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