Is VR Still the Next Big Step in Tech?

Is VR Still the Next Big Step in Tech

A pandemic that has led to millions of individual being stuck inside for longer period of time. Should’ve provided a unique opportunity for virtual escapism through VR, but why is the platform still so niche? There are a few reasons behind the struggles of VR. But, will these struggles help the platform grow or could virtual reality still be the next big step forward for tech.

Accessibility issues

One of the big drawbacks to virtual reality still remains in the cost – whether directly for the VR hardware, or for the platforms required to run it. Whilst the price has been coming down steadily, a £300 price tag for the likes of Oculus can still seem high for some. Particularly, when that cost doesn’t include any additional accessories that might need later down the line. Combined with the cost of dedicated systems either through consoles or a gaming PC only add to that price; it hasn’t helped prospects.

A boon for gaming, still

The big area for success in VR has certainly been found within gaming as its primary market. Although the accessibility issues are a drawback for the wider market. For the enthusiastic gamer the prospect is still just as exciting. Newer releases are still pushing the market forward. With recent expansion into the mobile market as a growing number of online services such as casinos are starting to expand into the VR market; many can be found here that have been finding success despite efforts to slow their growth with new regulation and initiative changes.

If this is to continue being the primary market, however, acceleration might need in the game development. This is because some options are starting to fall a little further behind and are unable to keep up with the standards and quality many have come to expect.

Problems with waning interest

The longer the VR market stalls, the bigger the issue with waning interest becomes. Whilst at first it was very much a gimmicky platform, it has since become much more robust. But with little movement forward in many markets, it still provides more of a gimmick performance than a necessary one. Unless bigger movements can be made in the market to deliver a better service and better performance. Whatever platform is offer through VR, the same issues will likely remain and users will steadily lose interest.

The big investment waves made nearly a decade ago. It has started to slow a little as the market steadies; as such that leaves less room for maneuverability than before. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of opportunities for success, and they’ll certainly look to make the most of them.

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