Java and Artificial Intelligence – The Best Compatible Partners?


Artificial Intelligence programming is a highly complex code that requires varied functionality and coding standard to execute successfully. Thus, there is no single language that can be considered complete for AI projects. Though coders uses high level languages like Python, C++, Lisp, Haskel and so on, in many cases Java web development is contemplated as the most commonly loved and used coding language for AI.

AI programmers use Java codes to develop machine learning solutions, search algorithms, neural networks, genetic programming and multi robot systems.

Why Is Java Special?

Although invariantly exposed to high-level languages, what makes AI developers choose Java language over any other language?

Here we bring you the truth behind the match.

  • Versatility:

The primary reason why AI developers find Java convenient in writing those long codes is due to its object oriented and scalable features which makes its easily portable, maintainable and transparent.

Large scale AI projects are connected through various styles of algorithms. Java gives a favourable base for coding different types of algorithms at a single go.

  • Effortless Data Eradication:

Apart from the extreme flexibility it gives, Java language has an in-built garbage collector that automatically eliminates futile data without any external effort, and also enables better visualization with amazing graphics and interfaces with the help of Swing and Standard Widget Toolkit.

  • Virtual Machine Learning Technology:

Artificial Intelligence uses closely connected programs like search algorithms, genetic programming and efficient usage of artificial neural network. Java Virtual Machine Learning Technology is a platform that makes these difficult connecting mechanisms easy and straightforward.

With numerous in-built library functions, Java can handle large scale projects with utmost ease. Not only about coding, Java gives an easy testing and debugging function that helps to find and fix errors, quickly and easily from hundreds and thousands of lines of codes.

  • Easy Learning Opportunity:

Java is a community maintained language. Millions of Java developers collaborate together worldwide to update and fix various issues with Java programming upgrades. If you are a beginner and wish to learn about Java coding from the major field experts, there are numerous such digital communities you can get help from.

Apart from communities, there are a variety of online tutorial programs that teach Java religiously. With every new upgrade a new technical tutorial program is launched to update your knowledge and skills about the same. Thus, approaching this field of programming and sticking to this particular domain isn’t as difficult as other languages which needs more precise training and knowledge.

  • Built-in Libraries:

Java programming is convenient as there are numerous library functions that come handy while you start coding in them. Functions like Weka, Java-ML, DeepLearning4j, MLlib and many more help developers to code more correctly and in less time.

With faster execution time, Java codes are easier to write, read, debug, test and execute as compared to any other high-level language.

Though Python and Ruby has taken over quite a part that previously was ruled by Java, data scientists and Artificial Intelligence programs still linger on Java codes for its various salient features that are still irreplaceable by any other languages.

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