How to Make Your Content Genius?


Creating quality content is not easy. Though it is a personal choice. Why do I say it is a personal choice? Well, because if you give time and thoroughly research your topic, and understand it, you will write a quality blog. A quality blog is original, fresh, relevant, and engages the people.

It is exactly what you need to promote your personal blog or brand. But if you write a poor-quality blog, it can lead to less engagement and traffic. Also, Google only ranks the blogs or website with quality and fresh content higher. If you are using duplicate content, your site/blog won’t get the top spot in the ranking.

Writing quality content which has the potential to go viral is not easy. But with research, patience, and time you can write great content which is relevant for your audience.

Here are some tips that can help you make your content genius.

1.      Know your audience

In order to create viral and genius content, you first have to know your audience. Sure, your blog has a niche, but in that too, there are a variety of topics you can write. Knowing what your audience is looking for, and what problems they are facing which you can help with through your content is important.

When you know all this, it becomes easy to create content that they will relate and share.

2.      Create content which is original

If you think you can get away with copy-pasting content, then you are wrong. Using other people’s content or duplicating the same content will never get you more traffic or higher ranking.

You need original content otherwise; Google will punish you like it did a lot of popular sites for using copied content. The problem is that people want to publish new content every day as they think more content means that they will get a lot of traffic and better ranking.

But the quantity of your content doesn’t matter, the quality does. Therefore, you need to not only create original content but also create topics that are new and original.

The best way to do this is to hire a content creator who has knowledge of the subject and can create original titles and content. You can even freelance the content work. But if you think you can get it done at cheaper rates, you will get poor quality articles.

3.      Use images and visuals to communicate your point better

Adding visuals like images or infographics in your content can never be wrong. It helps you learn and retain more information. Adding images improves your content’s readability and can sometimes explain things better than your words can.

Also, it creates an appeal around the content which can engage more audience. When a person spends more time on your website/blog, it shows Google that there is something worth reading there. It can ultimately lead to better rankings.

Also, images too can rank on Google as they have a separate page. So, add an alt tag in your images as well.

To create original images, use Canva. It is free and quite simple to use.

4.      Keep your content to the point

There will always be a debate about whether you should write a long article or a short one. Some studies show that 1000 plus word count in a blog gets more traffic and ranking. What is the truth? Well, it depends on the kind of content you are writing, and who your target audience is.

Also, if you write a 1500 plus content which is repetitive, long, has no facts, or is boring, it won’t resonate with the audience. So, instead of worrying about the word count, worry about the content.

Make sure it is to the point, doesn’t exaggerate a specific point, and so on. When you write a short blog or article which has a lot of information, it will work, no matter the word count.

5.      Make sure it is readable

All content writers focus on writing quality content which is original and relevant to the people. But there are other things that you need to focus on as well when writing content. they are:

  • Making sure you don’t have any grammatical or spelling errors in your content
  • A sentence should not have more than 20 words. It is best to keep it within 10.
  • Use bullet points to break your paragraph
  • Also, make it readable by using the short paragraph. Use good words, but don’t use too many big words which your audience is unable to understand.
  • Make sure your paragraph doesn’t have any passive sentences.

6.      Make your headlines catchier

Your blog’s headline is the one thing that is the deciding factor whether the audience will open the link or not. That is why you need to spend at least 80% of the time framing the write headline and blog title.

There are some things that you can keep in mind:

  • Keep it short
  • Use one keyword in your title
  • Use an emotional tone in it
  • Use power words

7.      Guest posting

We often write guest posts on quality blogs or buy paid guest posting services to ensure we get better ranking and more traffic. But how about you invite influential bloggers or experts to write in your blog. Not only will you get more traffic as they will promote it on their blogs and socials. But it also gives you a chance to build relationships with other blogs.

  1. Make sure your facts and figures are correct

It is important that whatever facts or figures you use in your blog or article is correct and backed by an authentic study. You don’t want people to get the wrong information. It will ruin your reputation, and people won’t ever trust the material you write again.

That is why you need to check your sources twice. If you are using facts from an online site, make sure it is recent or only two years back. Also, always put the name of the source.

Content writing is not easy, but with proper knowledge of a topic and writing from the heart can make all the difference.

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