How Pinterest SEO Can Change Your Marketing Results Effectively


Pinterest as we know is the straight jacket solution to look for any idea. From aesthetically pleasing pictures to home-decor ideas, it has everything you can think of. Often we might think it is a member of the social media family, but pinterest also works as a search engine. According to a survey around 400 million people surf through pinterest every month.  It can be a great medium to start with for digital marketing services.

Following is a data of survey done on pinterest users to show how big impact it has on users and how helpful it can be proved as a ecommerce source:-

  • 72% users  say Pinterest inspires them to shop when they aren’t looking for anything.
  • 70% say they discover new products on Pinterest.
  • 90% say, Pinterest helps them decide what to buy.
  • 78% say it’s useful to see content from brands on Pinterest.
  • 66% buy something after seeing a brand’s pins.
  • 59% use Pinterest to find more information about their purchases.

After looking at this data, you can surely see how big an impact the pins have on users and it might be your next solution for SEO.

How does the search of Pinterest work?

If you want your website’s images to be among those top results when users search for stuff,  you need to understand how the algorithm if pinterest search engine works.

Pinterest analyses your website’s information according to the average searches their network gets. If the keywords you have used to describe your product is similar in context of the searches that the network gets, your product would be among the top results. Then, they analyse the quality of the result and match with what the user’s want. This is done in both forms graphically and textually.

Points to remember:

  1. Make your description relatable, short and simple.
  2. Never compromise on the quality (graphically and textually).
  3. Try to post the most relevant content.
  4. Use more and more popular keywords so that your reach increases.
  5. Post regularly

Pinterest and E-commerce

If you want to sell your products on pinterest, you will have to make a Pinterest business account which is an official account. It gives your content more features like the users can share them, pin them and ultimately buy them. If your content is worthy, Pinterest business account is the solution for you. You can take the example of the women’s clothing brand Forever 21, it does a great deal of it’s business from Pinterest. The new feature of the Pinterest tag gives a recognisable mark to the brands that attract the users. A business account also gives you access to features like analytics and ads. As you add more content to your account, you’ll be able to collect data on views and engagement. And ads give you monetary benefits.


Pinterest is a great SEO company to invest in for digital marketing but prior to investment, you need to do your own research and find answers to your queries . Remember more than 90% of users buy their products which they didn’t even need just because the product got their attention. Make your platform so relevant and attractive that users end up buying your products.

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