Explanation: PRINCE2 Foundation Project Management

PRINCE2 Foundation Project Management

What is Project Management?

Project Management involves ensuring that the manager and team underlying strategy and key processes are in place, exercised and fully operational.  It is about managing quality activities, problem and opportunity Awareness, Resources and outcomes. You will find a lot of this info. on a good PRINCE2 Foundation Training Course.

How Does Project Management Work?

The most basic definitions of project management are ‘proper planning and organization of resources and their utilization; management of change and the creation of opportunity for the achievement of business objectives’

Project includes all activities require to build up a plan as to the outcome or ‘purpose’ of the project. The ‘activities’ by all the people involve are require to attain the project purpose.

Project Planning

The Project planning is one part planning and is a key process in the successful delivery of a project. It is a define list of activities against a quick time frame to move forward and develop the change within the plan. Also, it gathers pertinent information and manage resource to maintain control over the plan.

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Project Planning is the discipline of identifying, establishing and communicating the blueprint to create future actions that assist in developing and planning for project success.

Planning is one of the key processes in Project Management.  Tasks must all relate to the user and build the right skills, knowledge and capabilities.  While planning, you will also be reviewing your value at the end of it.

Once a project is approve by key organization and release to the project office, then project plan controls to attain the aims of the project. This is to ensure that the work being achieve is done in accordance with the plan.

Importance of Project Managers

Project Management is the pre-conceptual stage within the planning process. Where as, the Plan action is utilize to direct the resources and actions require to meet the initiative or purpose of the project.  In many cases it is basic after defining the structure and bring the planning to a close.  All project managers are responsible for the plan with a priority of  preparing for the initiation of work, carrying the project forward and closing when the project should be completed.

The project office or project executive is an action-oriented manager who is the project agent for the particular activity. The Project Manager needs for managing the project. The Project Manager is require to plan the work involve in each step of the scope. And, also for the idea development process to achieve the aim of the wider objectives.

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So in summary Project Management, is everything you need to successfully plan, plan and act.  As the Project Office we as an Employer only want you and your team to succeed.   We want you to deliver results and make good on your investment.  It is not a hindrance to our success though, you can be successful with the assistance of a good Project Plan.

What are the PRINCE2 Project Management Strategies?

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