PTE Training – Tips and Strategies to Score Well in Writing Task


This blog is dedicated to those who are preparing for PTE training ad want to score good marks. Getting a good score in the PTE mark is not easy. You have to apply many PTE tips & tricks and follow some strategies to earn good marks in a limited time.

Here in this blog, we will discuss those tricks which help you to score good marks in writing task especially.

PTE Tips & Tricks

How to score good marks in writing tasks?

  1. Read the contents carefully:

If you want to score good marks in your writing task, you have to read and understand the texts carefully. When you read it carefully, then you will understand the tone and style of authors.

  1. Identify the key information:

After reading carefully, you have to make a summary of key information. You have to write down all the key points that help you to find the main idea of writing. Don’t write unnecessary things.

  1. Rewrite using the complex sentence:

In PTE exams, you have to read a passage and summarize it and give your answer within one sentence. For this, you have to add some complex words in your key points to make your sentence strong and informative.

You have to add the conjunction and adverbs in your sentence. Try to avoid copying the exact words which are given in the paragraph. Read the paragraph carefully and rewrite it using your own words.

  1. Keep practicing:

The most important thing about PTE tips & tricks is you need more and more practice. You have to join the weekly and monthly mock tests conducted in online sites to score well. There are many applications that you can download on your mobile and access them in your free time.

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Four key factors which help you to score well in your PTE exams

To score well in your PTE exams, especially in writing tasks, you need to follow the four PTE tips & tricks factors. The four factors include content, grammar, form, and vocabulary. If you are strong in these factors, then no one can stop you from scoring good marks.

If you write a good summary using complex words, then you can get good marks. To score good marks, you need to provide good content relevant to your topic. You should cover all the important key points in your content also. In this exam, you have to summarize a paragraph within one sentence. You will get zero marks if you write more than one sentence.

Other than these, you have to follow the right structure of grammar. Try to avoid the grammatical errors in your content. For this, you have to read books and newspapers as much as you can.


Following the above PTE tips & tricks, you can score good marks in your exams. This scoring guide will help you to get good scores in your PTE writing task. Other than this, you can also contact with the professional experts to get more tricks and tips related to this.

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