Ranked: The Most Privileged People in the World


We are living in a very challenging time. Each day a new situation arises, changing the course of the economy. Studies show that the fine line between power and privilege is often fluctuating. However, what remains constant is the state in which the people of a nation are.

So let’s dive more profound into the demographic aspect of the global index and see how power and privilege are two different aspects of the social standing of the citizens. To make a correct assessment, we need to check a few significant criteria. These includes

  • Career opportunity
  • Financial stability
  • Health and wellness
  • Freedom and life satisfaction

The most privileged people certainly are from countries that offer a better life than many other nations. There are many different gradients from healthcare to finance that one needs to consider before these worldwide studies are conducted.

As consistent performers, six nations on the global index account for the maximum percentage of privileged people worldwide. Keep in mind that privilege does not co-relate with the happiness Index.

E.g. If happiness is a point of consideration, then Bhutan, a tiny Himalayan nation, is notably the happiest country. However, it is certainly not the most privileged as its GDP, population, and other factors are pretty low.

The final data released is based on the study conducted by ABCD agency with collaborative effort of the United nation and International Labour Organisation.

  • Switzerland – With an estimated population of 9 million people, it has a GDP per capita of around 74,000 dollars. Efficient healthcare, better educational facilities and taxation law makes life much easier for the citizens.
  • Canada – The second-largest nation in the world has a surprisingly low population of only 38 million people. Ranked as the best under the Global Social Purpose ranking, it has a GDP per capita of 48,000$. From Taxation laws to healthcare and education, this country is a paradise to live in for residents and immigrants alike.
  • Luxembourg – The tiny landlocked nation is one of the world’s most powerful countries with one of the highest GDP per capita of around 117.61K $ despite having a total area of fewer than 1000 sq miles. Accessible public transports and tax breaks aside, tons of other perks this nation provides to its citizens.
  • Norway – The mountainous nation with maximum settlement on the southern side is ranked 6th among the most privileged countries. With a high human development index, Norway is also one of the least violent nations in the world.
  • Denmark – One of the happiest nations of the world is one of the topmost privileged nations also. Free childcare and healthcare aside, it is also one of the few nations that offer a very high minimum wage, thus automatically improving the social standing of the nation’s people.
  • Sweden – The Scandinavian nation with a mere population of 6 million people has an impressive GDP per capita of 54,000$. With second place in the Global Social Purpose ranking, it is one of the most comfortable and livable nations for most people.

Though the ranking of these nations fluctuates, they always remain notably among the most privileged citizens of the world.

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