Outdoor Signage – How to Select the Best for Your Business?

outdoor signage

What are outdoor signage and for what purpose they can be used? This article contains all the relevant information that you need. Signs are basically very important if you want to convey messages. 

Pictorial representation is far better than other types of representations. Why is Outdoor Signage necessary and how to use them? This blog will help you a lot. 

Signaling Signs:

Signaling signs in the workplace is essential as a way of preventing accidents. It is good to do a preliminary study to place them in specific areas. Oddly enough, this gesture can save lives.

To carry out a signaling plan, it is necessary to observe the visual points of the room. The signs must be clear and simple, oriented to the greatest possible visualization. In recent years, job security has become very important and is regulated by state agencies, such as an internal civil protection program for companies.

It should not be signaled only for the company’s employees, but it should be taken into account that there may be people outside the premises who must also understand the steps to follow in the event of an accident. And they will do this thanks to the safety signs, which will clearly indicate where they should go in a time of evacuation, for example.

And finally, it is important to keep the signs in good condition. To do this, we must check that the material with which they are made meets quality standards and current legislation.

Signaling Principles

The basic principles for signage to fulfill the purpose for which it was conceived as well as possible are:

  • Attract the attention of those involved in the danger.
  • Warn of the dangers well in advance.
  • Be clear and unique interpretations.
  • Have the necessary means to comply with it.
  • Connection of all signals to each other.
  • Agree with the legal aspects of normalization.
  • Maintenance and renewal of signs.
  • Steps to Follow to Signpost Workplaces

The steps to follow to implement a signaling system in the company are established below:

1. Study and exhaust the possibilities of eliminating risk situations, through the use of collective protection techniques or other organizational measures.

2. Assess to what extent a certain type of signage meets the applicable requirements in terms of:

  • Level of control and effectiveness provided by the signal in the risk situation.
  • That the selected signage is suitable for the risks against which it must protect, without giving rise to misleading situations.
  • Prevent signage from interfering with the production process.

3. Examine the signals available in the market so that they meet the conditions required in RD 485/1997.

4. Select and acquire the most suitable signals.

5. Before placing the signs and, in order to optimize their preventive action, the following aspects related to their effective use must be collected in writing :

  •  Inform workers about the new signs placed in the workplaces.
  • Train workers so that they know how to interpret them and act correctly.

6. Install the signaling system or the new signals, in case of adding to the existing ones.

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