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Panel bed vs platform bed what’s the difference?

King size panel bed

A proper sleeping solution is necessary for every individual to remain fresh and active.

A bed and a suitable mattress are essential for comfortable sleep, and there are vivid bed styles available to select.

Panel and platform beds are available in Migliore Furniture to give you excellent rest.

Both the bed styles can provide the best furniture option for the interiors, but there is a slight difference available in both the bed types that make them unique.

Mattress support

Knowing the difference between the panel and platform bed is crucial before buying it.

The predominant variation between these two beds is that the panel bed needs a box spring facility to hold and support the mattress.

A platform bed needs no support for the mattress as the surface remains flat and suitable for the mattress. It is the significant difference that one can see in these types of beds.

The box spring holds the mattress in the panel beds, and hence these beds remain sturdy in their usage.

Buy the king size panel bed the bedroom more spacious by its traditional look and design pattern. 

Features of panel and platform beds

Both the beds are for comfortable sleep, but knowing the difference helps apply the right décor ideas. 

Panel beds possess the following qualities as

  • Increased breathability

  • Raised legs to increase the height

  • Available with the innovative and decorative features

  • Available with mattress foundation and a box spring facility

A platform bed has the following qualities 

  • Decreased height

  • Offers more firmness

  • No support for the mattress

  • Suitable designs

Comparing both the features, both the beds remain suitable for home décor ideas.

 But people buy the king size panel bed for its in-built foot and headboard facilities that could increase the attractive feature of the bed.

Platform beds are available in various ranges of collections, and it is the modern style furniture that becomes the choice of the current generation.

Select the bed of your choice

Selecting the bed depends upon space availability. If you have more space in your bedroom, go for panel beds as they remain suitable for spacious areas. A rich and massive look to the room is possible using panel beds. 

If your bedroom is not big enough, go for platform beds as they remain compact for the available space.

Platform beds are suitable for all areas, and it is the unique feature of these beds. 

Comes under budget

Panel beds are a little expensive when compared with platform beds. But, both the beds’ quality and usage remain significant on daily use.

A traditional look with a storage facility is available in panel beds, and hence people show interest in buying king size panel bed though it remains expensive.

Platform beds are available in all budgets and hence, referred to as economical in their usage.

You can buy either a panel bed or a platform bed from Migliore Furniture at a reasonable cost.

Make use of the mattress

A good and quality mattress is crucial to getting excellent sleep. Either it could be a panel or a platform bed.

it is the only outer supportive element or the outer coverage of the bed. But, a quality mattress alone can provide the necessary comfort for the user to avail the comfortable sleep. 

The mattress is available in different styles and qualities; buy the best mattress that suits the bed type you select to get the best result of sound sleep.

It is the mattress that soothes the backbone while relaxing, and hence, it is necessary to buy a quality mattress to suit the bed type.


Select the best bed type to get perfect relaxation. Both panel and platform beds are unique in their way, and it is the user needs to specify the bed type based on the requirement.

Both the bed types are the best choice for the users and both the bed types exhibit excellent style in their way. 

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