The Beauty of Los Cabos

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With the sound of the waves setting the rhythm and the warm sea breeze setting the romantic atmosphere, the sunset begins to turn the sky into different hues. These moments of magic, reflection, total peace and sophistication are what make Los Cabos such a unique destination. See all our Vacation Home Rentals Los Cabos.

Wild and unique, Los Cabos was the refuge of Hollywood stars, who found in its desolate beaches and its rustic surroundings a paradise where to rest in anonymity. Today it is the star destination of our country, where luxury hotels and impressive villas of unimaginable beauty stand.

From the moment I landed among the majestic mountain peaks of Baja California Sur and upon my arrival I was waiting for a luxurious private van from Lifestyle Villas, my stay in magical Los Cabos began with luxury and sophistication.

Immediately immersing myself in worlds of pleasure and hedonism, making me participate in the most exquisite of this beautiful destination, Lifestyle Villas is a luxury villa and home operator that made every moment of my stay an unforgettable adventure. Created by Alejandro Ordoñez and Sheri Busby, a creative, vibrant and fascinating couple, the operator has become the definition of good living in Los Cabos.

At Villa Tranquila, an incredible property operated by Lifestyle Villas, watching the sky turn into thousands of reddish hues between the dance of the palm trees, I let myself be carried away by the relaxation and peace that the perfect harmony of the villa achieves at all times. A space for relaxation and sensory pleasures, at every moment it invited me to leave any worry behind and live the present with complete and absolute attention.

That was the setting for exquisite culinary experiences, where talented chef Casiano Reyes created elaborate dinners ‘in situ’. Under the concept of ‘spontaneous cuisine’, the chef brings to the houses and villas managed by Lifestyle all the seasonal ingredients necessary to create unforgettable dinners. From the tuna duo and red snapper with chocolate clam, to the crunchy suckling pig and flavorful lobster, each dish was an unrepeatable sensory adventure.

An emblematic figure of this tourist area, the chef of Oaxacan origin gained recognition through his important work in the hotel segment and the catering service. Casiano calls his gastronomy “spontaneous cuisine”; In his philosophy, the ingredients are key, and only those that are in season are used, always surprising us with unique and unexpected flavors in this concept “no menu, no rules.”

Between the sun, the sand and the sea I always find this magical feeling of perfect harmony with what surrounds me. Heat slowly floods my body and my mind is lifted towards the small white clouds, their shadows momentarily obscuring the vibrant colors of the Los Cabos sea.

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