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Top Tips for a Cosy Family Home


Everybody wants a warm and cosy family home – the type you can step into and feel immediately comforted, where you can put your feet up and feel the day’s worries melt away.

A cosy home is more than just a place to eat and rest; it’s where the entire family feels safe and secure. To create a home just like that, here are some valuable tips.

Keep the Place Warm

It’s hard to feel comfortable in a cold home, so focus on keeping the place warm. Of course, you must balance heating the house with keeping energy bills down. A couple of ways to increase your indoor temperature (without heating) includes:

  • Sealing draughts (windows and doors are major culprits!)
  • Upgrading windows
  • Improving insulation
  • Using lots of blankets

Consider investing in a new boiler, too, especially if you own an old one. A new A+ boiler can heat your home more efficiently, meaning you can keep the heating on for longer without straining your energy bills as much as an old conventional boiler does. Searching for specialists in your local area like simp.services is advised – you want to ensure a new boiler is fitted properly by professionals, as it’s not a small job to be done by just anyone.

Think About Light Temperature

Lighting is an essential part of any home. Don’t just think about the type of light fixtures; also consider light temperature. Light temperature refers to a light bulb’s appearance and ranges from warm to cool. Too many cool light bulbs will make a home feel colder and uncomfortable, so instead, opt for warm-temperature light bulbs. It’ll make a massive difference to the overall ambience in your abode!

More Rugs 

While hard floors are undeniably attractive, they can make a home feel less cosy. Fortunately, there is a simple solution: rugs! By placing more rugs around the house, you fill in small gaps in the floor and keep your rooms warmer while providing a comfier surface for your feet to step onto.

Use Warm and Natural Colours 

Colours matter when it comes to cosy décor. Instead of using cold or overly bright colours, opt for warm, natural shades that make the place feel welcoming and cosier. Autumnal shades, like oranges, yellows, reds, and gold, work brilliantly.

Candles in the Evening 

When you think of the word ‘cosy’, candles likely enter your mind. That’s because a few lit candles can instantly make a space cosier! So, light a few candles in the evening to add gentle warmth to your environment. Try experimenting with different colours and scents, too. For example, a warming vanilla candle might be just what you need to destress in the evening after a long day.

Organise the Space

Clutter is the opposite of cosiness. To feel truly comfortable in your family home, create a clutter-free space with an organized storage system. If your family struggles to keep a tidy house, implement a chore rota to ensure everyone gets involved and pulls their weight with the housework at home.

Think About Scent

A cosy home incorporates all five senses, so don’t forget about scent. There are plenty of ways to bring delicate, warming scents into the space. For instance, you could use scented candles, diffusers, incense, and air freshener sprays.

The whole family will appreciate a cosy home. Use these tips, and your space will turn into a safe and comfortable sanctuary for everyone to retreat to after a hectic day!

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