Virtual Events in 2020: 5 Ways to Grow Your Business In Uncertain Times


In 2020, you can grow your business with the help of virtual events. A good virtual events platform can give you a versatile and solid foundation with which you can leverage the full potential and power of virtual events.

Even prior to the current crisis, virtual events were a game changer, thanks to the enormous amount of time, money and energy that they inherently save. For example, inordinate sums of money, effort and time spent on travel can be eliminated with virtual events, allowing even the busiest professionals to participate without problems. But in the aftermath of the covid-19 outbreak virtual events are virtually mandatory. They are not an option that you can afford to ignore. Virtual events are your solution to austere travel restrictions, ban on large gatherings and lockdowns that won’t go away any time soon. Virtual events are a safe option that can keep everyone safe and empower them to participate fearlessly.

Thus, virtual events are your ticket to business growth in 2020.

Here is how virtual events can help your business to grow.

1.   Best Possible User Experience

Time is extremely valuable and even before the pandemic it was not reasonable to expect that participants give up all of their core activities just to attend your event. Besides the time factor there is also the high cost of travel and accommodation that can create difficulties for your participants.

Even if all participants are from the same city, a daylong seminar can take its toll on them. Attending the seminar in person and travelling to and from the venue means that they will be left with little time and energy to complete the day’s work. Ideally, your event should not interfere with your client’s duties. You should take all possible measures to ensure that the negative impact of your event on the daily activities of your participants is minimized. The best possible step you can take in this regard is to host your event online. This way, your participants will not have to postpone their daily work. As a result, more participants will be willing to attend, which in turn will increase your audience size.

Hosting online virtual events is the finest way of showing due regard for the valuable time, energy and effort of your guests. You will be the ultimate beneficiary of this empathic approach since more prospects will be willing to attend when they realize how convenient your online event truly is.

2.   Foolproof Safety

Ensuring the safety of your guests is a prime facet of corporate responsibility. The importance of safety precautions has grown in the wake of the covid-19 outbreak. Social distancing and taking all other precautionary safety measures are mandatory for saving lives and averting debilitating illness from a terrifying epidemic.

As a result of all this, businesses should look beyond conventional events. The presence of numerous people in an enclosed space can be catastrophic even with social distancing. Your event will most likely fail under such circumstances where people are more concerned about their personal safety than the event proceedings. But in view of the strong measures being promulgated to contain the spread of covid-19 it is highly unlikely that conventional events can even be orchestrated in the first place. In short, conventional events are next to impossible and businesses need to find a better alternative. Doing business in an ambience of heightened fear is a pipedream.

Online virtual events can take out the apprehension from such events and set you free. Your guests will be liberated from the fear of infection thanks to virtual events and can thus focus on the event itself rather than worry incessantly about personal safety. You too can afford a sigh of relief knowing that all guests will be safe. Thus, businesses have a responsibility to minimize personal contact through feasible and pragmatic solutions like virtual online events.

3.   Superior Customer Journey

Virtual event platforms have a very intuitive and user-friendly console that almost everyone can begin using right away without prior training. This will allow for a smooth and pleasant experience that your guests will appreciate.

Virtual event platforms can empower guests to take online polls and participate in live discussions with industry leaders. The data that you gather through online events can help your business to gain lucrative insights and grow.

4.   Hassle-Free Registration

Signing up for the event can be as painless as you like. This will certainly help boost event attendance. Upon registration confirmation, you can invite attendees to complete a survey that will impart new perspectives and help your business to grow. You can even post similar optional surveys that display once the event is over.

5.   At Par with Conventional Events

Purists might argue that although virtual event platforms may allow you to conduct events safely, they are still not a substitute for face-to-face interaction which almost everyone feels is necessary for building trust and rapport – key ingredients of any business relationship.

The advent of live streaming tools and sophisticated cutting edge solutions will most certainly allay these doubts since they allow you to interact in real-time with others. Real time streaming images are the next best thing and a viable alternative to in-person interaction. In fact, these tools are so effective that you may end up forgetting that you are interacting at a distance. All interactions will come to life and you can continue almost all of the usual activities carried out in conventional events. Whether it is a Q&A session with guests, open discussions, networking, live presentations, guest speeches or any other activity; you can do them all seamlessly with a robust virtual event platform. The experience will be so vivid and comprehensive that even purists will not miss conventional events any more.  

It should be obvious that you can garner all of the aforementioned benefits only via a robust online event platform.

The leading digital design agency can help your business to grow by enabling you to leverage numerous benefits that are unique to online virtual events. By purveying the right virtual event platform, the premier digital design agency can maximize your chances of conducting a successful online event.

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