Why are Vossen Wheels Recommended for your Car?


Vossen Wheels are 100% US-made wheels which have been in vogue for just a few years. However, in this short period, they have earned the reputation of thousands of customers not only in this country but across the world. Vossen is a manufacturer of high-end alloy custom wheels designed for primarily passenger vehicles, although they also produce a wide range of aftermarket wheels for bigger vehicles.

There is a common question that car owners often ask themselves or their chosen retailers: why should we choose Vossen’s products over Avant Garde Wheels or similar older brands? It is a valid question. After all, Vossen is not too old a brand, and their appeal is limited to a specific group of aftermarket aficionados only.

To answer that query, this post will give you a few reasons why you can choose Vossen Wheels over Ferrada Wheels or any other equivalent top-grade brand. There are several reasons why Vossen wins over the two other companies mentioned here, but we will try and cover only the basics here.

Why are Vossen Wheels better than most others?

Here are some reasons why even the likes of Avant Garde Wheels fall short when compared to Vossen’s rims.

  • Superior materials used in production: Vossen has been at the forefront of a select group of manufacturers who have said no to shortcuts and have stuck to only the best-available aluminum. The process of manufacturing begins with sourcing the best quality raw materials, and Vossen goes to great extents to ensure that their products are forged from superior aluminum.

Most Vossen Wheels are cast, forged, or made using Free Flow technology from high-grade aluminum. Their products undergo multiple checks for quality and consistency after the production process is completed. Hence, you can rely on them on all instances for delivering cutting-edge rims.

  • Styles par excellence: Vossen is a brand which understands that to its selected demography, the style aspect is as important as functionality. With this is mind, the company has delivered consistently good-looking and highly impressive rims year after year. This is unlike the strategy of Ferrada Wheels, which falls a bit short on the aesthetic front.

Vossen’s products are available as both 1 and 2-piece wheels. The company does not shy away from going all the way to ensure their rims look as attractive and as pathbreaking as possible. Color-wise, their rims are available in daring shades of red and orange, besides the metallic shades and the usual matte and glossy finishes in black.

Two-tone Vossen Wheels are also available in a broad palette of colors. These wheels ensure that the rims match the vehicles as closely possible. This is one major advantage that the company’s products have over other brands.

  • Durable even over long periods: Vossen Wheels are considerably more durable than Avant Garde Wheels or any close competitor, and this is not to disparage the latter brand. Vossen’s rims are specially toughened to ensure that they can withstand prolonged abuse and absorb the rigors of off-roading over significantly longer periods.

That said, these wheels are not indestructible! You must take care of them regularly and ensure that the rims do not display obvious signs of rust and road damage. If this routine is followed, your car’s Vossen rims will last for many years without too many hassles.

  • Affordability: This is one factor that is not greatly appreciated by most clients. Unlike Fuel or Ferrada Wheels, Vossen has seemingly hit upon a sweet spot between affordability and longevity without compromising one bit on the high standards of quality it has come to represent.

Vossen’s products are slightly less expensive when you compare them with their closest competitors. Vossen achieves this by using the very latest technologies available in the world of rims and peruses them to achieve minimal TAT while also adding value to their wheels. There is a great demand for branded wheels that cost a bit less, and Vossen Wheels fits the bill perfectly.

This is one reason why their products have managed to carve a niche in the market, ensuring that Vossen’s rims are placed in the luxury category but without the price tags that are part and parcel of such a category!

To wrap up

Never buy unbranded aftermarket or custom rims; they can be dangerous and they do not last too long. Instead, go for Vossen Wheels and get assured higher valuations whenever you are planning to sell your car. With these rims you will turn heads wherever you go, another advantage that you simply cannot overlook!

Happy motoring!

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