Can Artificial Intelligence help Developers to Create the Games of Future?

Artificial Intelligence for Future Games

During the last 15 years the steps forward that have been made in terms of technological evolution for the gaming sector have given a completely different point of view in the field of digital games. This is a sector that continues to amaze, both creatively and in terms of the technology put into practice.

A bit like what had happened between the second half of the eighties and the early nineties, in the field of special visual effects by George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic. Certainly a certain type of cinema and especially that which concerns animation has worked hand in hand with the innovation that today we find more frequently in the world of video-games. A rapidly evolving sector that today uses all its skills and abilities, including that of AI, that is artificial intelligence.

Can AI help gambling developers create a game that users want to play?

Over the last few months, intriguing articles dealing with the topic of artificial intelligence and how this field can be used and exploited for the field and the video-game sector have been published on specialized sites. Let’s start from some time before. That is when video-games were developed and written by hand. This is an excellent Netflix product such as Bandersnatch showed us in fiction, which, removed some extremes of the case; closely shows the process of making a game for how it was worked during the eighties.

From then on, technology has made many strides, which have massively helped the programmers and creatives behind a video game project. For example user experience, which takes into consideration many factors like age, gender, psychology and many other hints provided by studies and observation on users playing actual games. Online casinos fit into this context and you can visit NetBet UK to check how user experience has helped the developers to design a state of the art gambling site.

Gambling is among the most consolidated realities in the digital gaming sector, for over a decade there have been sites that offer digital gaming rooms  to play online classic games like bingo, 우리카지노 or casino games. Over the last few years, legal gaming has increased its traffic volumes. Thanks also to the success of the main attractions that are practiced mainly through gaming apps for smartphones and tablets.

The result of concerted action between the gambling industry and the world of the latest generation software that applies perfectly with the most popular Android operating system with the latest generation of advanced phones.

Some practical examples of games that are at the forefront of technology

Let’s take for example some cult titles of the last ten years such as Titanfall 2, Dishonored, The Last of Us and Dark Souls, just to name a few titles that have made school during these recent times. According to magazine these are the most original and innovative games that have been launched on the gaming market during the decade 2010-2019. We are therefore talking about games where an original and innovative idea of ​​modern graphics, turbo audio, games that have been able to shape a new imagination.

But to do so, needed a great job, of titanic dimensions to the shoulders. Because if it is true that creativity is behind a valid idea at no cost, it is also fair to say that certain projects must be carried out with massive resources, if they must be carried out to work seriously and to hit the collective imagination of 2.0, more and more trained to understand this new form of entertainment that is today’s video-game.

The Role of AI for today’s digital gaming sector

Precisely in this field, the role that AI can play is therefore fundamental. We have already seen how augmented reality games can take the concept of gaming to another dimension. Now we just need to better understand how the innovation dictated by artificial intelligence can be put in relation and in contact with the world of contemporary video-games.

After all, the history of AI and that of gaming have been inexorably intertwined several times. It is no coincidence that the first artificial intelligence researchers saw games such as chess as indicators of intelligence and therefore an adequate test bed for their work. One of the very first things people tried to do with this growing type of technology was get it to play chess and do it right. And, of course, it eventually happened with next-generation games as well.

The recent statements by Matthew Guzdial, researcher of artificial intelligence at the University of Alberta is a clear signal of how AI is increasingly oriented towards more complex and dynamic games capable of pushing beyond the barriers experienced by the idea of gaming and that of artificial intelligence itself.

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