Remove The Fog From The Car Using Waterproof Anti Fog Film


We could debate at length about which safety elements are the most important in a vehicle. Waterproof Car Side Mirror Film work as anti-glare mirrors.

We are talking about the rear-view mirror’s dual position system, whose objective is to prevent other vehicles’ lights from dazzling us.

A lever in the lower part of the mirror allows us to vary its position and, more specifically, the mirror’s angle, changing the direction of the light rays reflected by it. Simple, right? But manual, of course. Too much work!

Advantage of Waterproof Car Side Mirror Film

  • Safe driving: This Waterproof Car Side Mirror Film has two PET protective film and nano-adhesive layer, it has good transmission, anti-fog, anti-glare, waterproof, rain-resistant, and other functions, safely unprecedented and clear vision even on wet, rainy, and foggy days.
  • Multi-function Waterproof Car Side Mirror Film is an innovation that can solve the problem of not seeing the rear-view mirror clearly on rainy or foggy days.
  • Wide Adaptability: Fits with all standard sizes of side mirrors, such as cars, SUVs, buses, taxis, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, etc. Improve the safety factor while driving in foggy conditions.
  • An anti-fog filter could clarify the vision area to avoid possible dangers; for example, it helps you forecast the next environment when passing or changing lanes.
  • The waterproof car side mirror film windshield is Hydrophobic and has the quality of reducing excess moisture inside it. Fog exists invisibly on the coated as an effect of the free surface, due to which we can see the way clearly.

  • It can protect your driving front of sight on a rainy day. It is an addition, and it can resolve your difficulty that you cannot see the rear-view mirror clearly on a rainy day. It is waterproof and anti-fog with great impact.

Water-Resistance is Good: water resistance is the key index to test the anti-fog film quality.

Preserves the side mirrors from unwanted stains, dust, and dirt to prevent the mirrors from clear at all times. High resistance and high transmittance keep the driver safe from rain and rain accidents.

Easy Installation: Take a few minutes to install it on your rear-view mirror directly, clean the mirrors with the included wipes, and then put the protective film on the mirror and stick it, then straighten it with a small scraper, fast and easy.

So Waterproof Car Side Mirror Film, provide great safety during the travel and avoid accidents in foggy season. These mirror films are easy to install, and for it need not help of an expert, one can do it by himself.

How to Fix the Waterproof Car Side Mirror Film 

1. Clean the rear-view mirror

2. Tear the first protective film

3. Spray water on the hydrophobic protector after tearing the first protective film

4. Align the waterproof hydrophobic film with the mirror and attach it.

5. If there are air bubbles, scratch with a card

6. Tear the last membrane. Done!

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