Five Mind Numbing Facts About Big Data


It is a matter of fact that a lot of people find big data to be one of the simplest computing terminologies. However, it is not. Big Data is focused keenly on the amount of data being produced after the explosion in the information technology field that collects and stores information. EIM Consulting strategy is completely dependent on Big Data and Data Analytics in recent times.

A small collection of data can turn out to be very helpful and meaningful when it is properly analyzed and processed. You can draw out various patterns from the same data in terms of various incidents and behaviors that fall in line with analysis. It is a matter of fact that the more you about your business, the more revenue and productivity you can make. This instigates Big Data to be one of the lucrative investment for every business out there. It not only adds a lot to the business but also helps the business have an edge over its competitors. With the help of Big data and data management, data can be segregated in terms of Demography, Preferences, and popularity, which directly deal with the sale of a product.

Let us get to know about some of the mind-numbing facts about Big Data that has taken place in recent years and have revolutionized the industry for now and forever.

1. Data processing has crossed limits

It is a matter of fact that the amount of data that has been processed in the past few years is considerably more than the total amount of data generated in the rest of human history. As per google in the year 2010, five Exabyte of data is being created in every two days. The data created up to the year 2003 is less than this amount. The rate is going to increase exponentially in the upcoming years.

2. The number of google searches is more than 40000 every single second.

40000-google search in every instant shows the staggering growth of Data availability. These metrics account to over 1.2 trillion searches all over the world and this is a huge set of data.

3. Big Data is the next big opportunity for professionals

As this is one of the growing market segments, it is considered to be one of the lucrative careers for experts and data engineers. As per the record, almost 8 million big data developers were operational all over the world. However, the need for big data scientists and developers is never-ending in recent times. Due to the unavailability of a properly skilled workforce, most of the companies are losing zillions on their yearly revenue and productivity. Enterprise data strategy needs out of the box decision-making professionals and this trend is surely going to be complex in the forthcoming years.

4. Big Data is triggering the growth of many other technologies

These days, the internet has been made accessible to almost all. Moreover, with this complete integration, there are technologies, which are also booming with the advent of Big Data. Moreover, the main problem triggered by Big Data is storage problems. Moreover, to cope with the increasing amounts of data, cloud storage systems have made their entry into the realm. When the data is stored on a cloud server, it becomes easier for processing and retrieval at the time of need. This process is more efficient and mobile. Cloud computing has been much popular when it was coupled with Big data. The clever analysis of the stored data in the cloud can be very helpful in predicting future market trends. Facts about Big Data speak about the integration of many new-fangled technologies in the future.

5. Contribution from Social Media.

In a single day, 2.7 billion comments are posted on Facebook and more than 250 billion emails are sent across the world. All these accounts for a huge amount of data. Also, out of these billions of emails, 80% are spam emails. The marketing industry has a great role to play in the generation of this huge data. The whole marketing automation prediction algorithms target specific audience groups with the help of big data. Analytics is used to draw out patterns from the messages, searches, online activities, and likes of an individual. Once the specific genre of interest is known, ads can be targeted for the purchase of products and services online. After the advancement of this approach, e-commerce websites have become the next shopping destinations all over the world.

The growth in the data is expected to rise exponentially in the upcoming years and it would on no occasion estimated to decrease. This increasing data will certainly pose difficulties for storage. Conversely, by the usage of this heap of data organizations can come up with a wide range of well-curated products and services for people. This would be possible by drawing unique patterns from the stored data. I hope these Facts about Big Data would have given you a glimpse of this powerful yet humble approach.


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