5 Mistakes about Internet Marketing For Law Firm


Marketing is undoubtedly the backbone of your legal business. Planning, developing, and incorporating an effective law firm internet marketing strategy can drive traffic and get you leads. Marketing is undoubtedly the backbone of your legal business. Planning, developing, and incorporating an effective law firm internet marketing strategy can drive traffic and get you leads.

In the digital landscape of the modern-day, there is not any limitation to the available marking channels. That being said, with a lot of available options, it becomes difficult to understand where to invest in order to receive the maximum return.

Although there isn’t any fixed marketing roadmap you need to religiously follow, yet there are some pitfalls you need to avoid in order to make sure your internet marketing campaign receives success.

Here are some of the common mistakes you need to be careful of while carrying out internet marketing for your legal business:

1.Advertising Your Charges

Operating a legal business takes a huge amount of money. Hence, it is quite likely that the lawyers will want to bill as many chargeable hours as they possibly can. Well, everybody is aware of this.

That said, however, do not advertise the rates of your chargeable hours or mention your charges on your official website. Doing this can stick you to a particular rate, which can break you.

It is a matter of fact that circumstances change cases as well as the chargeable rates. Even things which initially sound as straightforward and simple as penning down a will can demand much more effort and time that you actually thought of while taking up the case.

2. Not Prioritizing SEO

SEO is all about utilizing the available resources for ranking your website higher on the various search engines. Appearing at the top of the search options implies maximum clicks and increased traffic. However, many law firms fail to use SEO correctly. Here are some ways to make your site SEO-friendly:

  • Using Content

Content is the secret to improved SEO. From blogs to videos, you can use all types of content to boost your law firm SEO. That being said, however, make sure that the content created by you serves your objective and need. In order to be rewarding, your content needs to offer value.

  • Use the Right Keywords

It is important to make use of the right keywords in order to boost SEO. Find out the keywords that are commonly used in your industry. People searching for a service related to the legal industry are likely to use these words or phrases in their searches.

3. Focusing on Selling Yourself

It is a matter of fact that for the people looking for an attorney, your official legal business website would probably be the first point of contact between you and them. Now, it is time to think about what do the people hope to find when they reach the website of your law firm? Is it a plethora of information regarding you? Of course not! What they are supposedly hunting for is something related to their legal issues. They expect to come across something on your website that can give them the hope to come out of their legal issues and start living a normal life once again.

Hence, stop advertising yourself throughout your content even if it seems immensely tempting to do so. Make sure your content informs and does not sell. Your intention should be to establish your firm and yourself as a reliable legal service provider. Hence, your content mustn’t be just promoting you and pushing your services.

4. Not Making the Right Use of Social Media

This happens to be one of the major mistakes of Internet marketing concerning law firms.

It cannot be denied that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are important marketing tools. You can find countless guides about how social media can be used for boosting marketing efforts.
You cannot just upload some posts occasionally and expect to get the best results. You should possess a realistic and well-developed strategy and abide by it religiously.

Some of the common mistakes made by law firms when it comes to social media are:

  • Not having a clear set of goals. 
  • Being too impatient 
  • Not tracking the results of the SMM campaigns
  • Sticking to a single social media platform

5. Not Following the Current Internet Marketing Trends

Ignoring current trends is counted among the biggest mistakes when it comes to law firm Internet marketing.

The trends in marketing are changing constantly. Hence, you need to stay updated about the new introductions and stop using the strategies that no longer work. If you continue making use of the same old marketing tactic for years, you would be making a non-profitable effort and wasting your resources.

Here are a few ways you can make sure that you are in tandem with the ever-changing law firm Internet marketing trends:

  • Never stop learning. Keep educating yourself and sharpening your marketing skills.
  • Reading can offer you the best advice. So, read!
  • Subscribe to the relevant news outlets and informative sites. 

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