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Hand Luggage Essentials on a Plane


Going on holiday is such an exciting experience and one that people look forward to all year. Whether it’s returning to your favorite holiday destination or exploring somewhere new, you’ll be counting down the days until you step out of your front door and head to the airport. However, there can be things that make your traveling experience stressful, especially when going through security at an airport or panicking that you won’t make it in time for your flight. This is why you should always give yourself plenty of time to get there and make sure you have these hand luggage essentials for a comfortable flight.

Travel Documents

You’re not going to get very far through the airport without the correct travel documents, so of course, these are hand luggage essentials. The night before you leave, always double-check that you have your passport, boarding passes, visas, and anything else they might need to check. Have at least 2 copies of your visas and boarding passes in case one gets lost, and make sure you have the ones for the return journey, too. When checking in your hold luggage, you will need to show your passport and boarding passes as well, so always make sure you back them in your hand luggage for ease of access.

Clear Bags and Liquids

If you’re going to take liquids on a plane with you in your hand luggage, they need to be in a maximum of 100ml containers/bottles and place in a clear bag. Anything over this will be confiscated at security and thrown away, including drinking water and other beverages. If you are an individual who uses CBD oil and would like to have it with you, it will be allowed on the plane, but the same rules apply – no more than 100ml. Alternatively, if you’re worried that your bottled CBD oil might be too big to take with you on the plane, you can always purchase CBD gummies to take in your hand luggage instead. Either way, you can find both of these products at CBD Guru to stock up for your travels.

Reading Material

If you’re on a long-haul flight, you will likely have access to a selection of films or TV shows to watch as some form of entertainment. However, it’s always wise to have some reading material with you as an alternative pass-time or if there isn’t anything of interest on the movie list. Whether it’s a book that you have been waiting to dive into on holiday, or a selection of your favorite magazines, reading material is certainly hand luggage essential. If you don’t want to carry around books with you, perhaps investing in an eReader would be best for traveling.


Another useful thing to take with you in your hand luggage is a tablet if you own one. Again, these devices can come in handy if you want to watch something during your flight, but you will have to download episodes or films before your travels as you won’t have internet access. Just make sure that you set your tablet to flight mode before you start using it on the place.

If you’re counting down the days to your holiday this year, remember these hand luggage essentials to help make your flight experience smoother and more comfortable.

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