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Top 10 Authentic Asian Recipes To Try In 2022

Authentic Asian recipes

Authentic Asian recipes involve distinct culinary styles practiced in all parts of Asia. Our list includes the recipes collected from traditional kitchens of East, South East, Middle East, South, and West Asia.

Garlic Hummus

An authentic Lebanese snack, Garlic Hummus can be easily made at home. A smooth paste is made of soaked chickpeas, garlic, green chilies, and low-fat yogurt, and is garnished with red chili powder, parsley, and a dash of olive oil. Enjoy this scrumptious and healthy food with carrot or cucumber sticks.


A conventional Moroccan stew, Tagine is chiefly made with chicken and vegetables. To ensure the perfect concoction of its flavors and color, green olives and potatoes, onion, garlic, ginger, coriander, cinnamon, and paprika are slow-cooked in a clay pot with a conical lid. Adding flour gives its texture and thickness.

Rahat Lokum

This Authentic Turkish dessert or Turkish delight has a soft jelly-like texture and can be sliced, rolled, or cut into bite-sized small cubes. Fresh lemon juice, powdered sugar, red color, and rose water are used to give this dish its tint and flavor.


While trying Authentic Asian recipes, never miss out on Makizushi, better known as norimaki. This Japanese delicacy is a rolled sushi that comprises vinegared rice mixed with filling ingredients like seafood, fish, eggs, mushrooms, and vegetables, all wrapped in dried nori or seaweed.


If you are keen to try some Filipino street food, nothing can beat Isaw. Traditionally Isaw is made with boiled and then grilled pork intestines, vinegar, soy sauce, salt, dry bay leaves, onion, garlic, pepper cone, chilies, and banana ketchup.


Poh is a typical Vietnamese rice noodle soup, often made using beef, mutton, or lamb and served with amazing toppings of fresh bean sprouts, chilies, and basils.


Xiaolongbao is Shanghai’s signature dish. It is a soup-filled steamed dumpling, set apart by its unique purse-like shape with pinched top and wrinkled sides, a distinct design chosen to prevent spilling of the fluid inside it.


An authentic Indonesian salad, Acar is traditionally made with common ingredients such as shallots, cucumbers, carrots, and chilies, all cut into bite-size pieces. The special dressing made with vinegar, water, salt, and sugar adds a luscious taste and flavor.

 Tandoori chicken

One of the most sought authentic Asian recipes is Tandoori chicken. Although a clay oven or tandoor is traditionally used for baking the chicken, in urban kitchens, convection can well solve the purpose. 

The preparation of this classic south Asian cuisine involves intricate steps like removing the chicken skin, slitting the belly side of the whole chicken, and marinating it twice.


This colorful Korean dish play includes fresh veggies, beef, and egg and can be easily made at home as a healthy wholesome meal. Even vegans can enjoy bibimbap omitting meat and egg.

Whether you are a master chef or a novice, with these most popular, yet easy authentic Asian recipes you can easily claim to be the wizard of delicious Asian culinary.

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