How Can I Heal a Stiff Neck After Sleeping?

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Waking up in the morning with a stiff neck is the most unexpected and disturbing thing that happens to everyone in the morning. Because of this, some people might feel pressured to complete their daily routine as they decide earlier.

The stiff neck issues arise because of multiple reasons, which are bad posture, bad posture, stress, neck motion, and neck or spine injury. If you are suffering from any of these, you will learn how to recover from a neck roller massager.

Ways to Reduce or Heal the Stiff Neck After Sleeping

  • Ice or heat therapy

Applying ice bags or heat therapy is one of the major ways of recovering from the stiff neck issue. When you apply these things to your neck, then it reduces the swelling. You should apply ice bags to the affected area for 10 to 20 minutes.

Along with this, you can take a warm shower by using the heating pad. In this way, you can get relax from the swelling or pain in muscles and improve the range of motion.

  • Stretch but avoid sudden movements

Stretching helps you relieve your neck’s pain and stiffness. It is always important to stretch gently. Sudden movements can cause more issues and create multiple injuries. It can produce inflammation, pain, and another serious injury. To stretch gently, roll your shoulders backward and then move in the forward direction.

  • Limit your physical activity

If you are suffering from this, then you should limit your physical activity. You should limit the weight lifting activities and other activities that give pressure to your neck.

  • Reduce stress

Stress can cause muscle tension in your neck. Reducing stress can help you to treat neck pain and neck stiffness. To reduce your stress, you can listen to songs, do meditation and perform anything that makes you happy.

  • Exercise regularly

Doing exercise daily helps you to strengthen your muscle and reduce the pain. It helps to improve your posture and neck stiffness. It also helps you to eliminate all the stress from your life. You can also take help by using a neck roller massager. It gives you the satisfaction and relaxation that makes you happy.

  • Adjust your sleeping habits

You should adjust your sleeping habits using a neck pillow or using soft mattresses. Try to sleep only on your back or from the side. Before going to sleep, relax and stop using mobile phones in your bed.

  • Give a self-massage

Gentle stretching and self-massage could also recover you from neck pain. It helps you loosen the muscle and ligaments. By doing so, you can improve your flexibility. You have severe issues, then you should go for the medication after prescribed by the doctor.

  • Improve your posture

Neck stiffness are usually arisen due to the bad sleeping posture. You should improve your sleeping, standing, and sitting posture to get better results.


By applying the above ways & neck roller massager, you can get rid of the stiff neck. For better results, you can visit a doctor and take proper medications.

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