How to Perfectly Maintain and Repair Aluminum Window Blinds


A lot of people replace their aluminum window blinds only because a strip or two may be bent or broken. You don’t necessarily have to do that. To maintain or repair aluminum blinds and clearing the damage is a far superior option. Firstly, you will save a lot of money on aluminum blinds. Also, you will not waste materials when you don’t have too as well.

When you have the right tools and expertise, repairing and maintaining your metal blinds isn’t too difficult too. Also, it is pretty common for aluminum window blinds to get bent or damaged slats. Discoloring of some slats might also occur faster than others on the same blinds. Proper cleaning and maintenance are required to guarantee long life for these metal blinds.

Clean Your Aluminum Window Blinds Regularly

Unlike roller window blinds or other fabric and composite material window blinds that can be taken off and washed, metal blinds need proper on-window cleaning. Daily aluminum window blinds cleaning schedules work great protecting them against wear and tear.

You will need quality multi-surface cleaner sprays for the job too. Make sure your cleaning sprays are not too abrasive and will not damage the paint coating. It is always a good idea to use approved chemicals for metal blinds cleaning that will cause no damage at all.

Also, make sure to lift and clear all dust and dirt off their surface before you go rubbing with chemicals. This can be done using a soft brush or also vacuuming away all excess dust. Removing dust and dirt will reduce chances of micro scratches and damage to paint coatings as well.

Inspect Your Aluminum Window Blinds Regularly

Before any metal windows blinds are maintained or repaired, they must be inspected thoroughly. Home or building owners should always inspect their aluminum window blinds regularly to spot any required maintenance and repair works. Inspect both sides of your metal blinds to find out any damage.

Since these are made from aluminum and the material is easy to bend, bent aluminum blinds are common problems. Also, smaller bends might be invisible at the start but can quickly turn into bigger bends. Checking them for any out of place or cut strings is required too.

Look for all strings in their correct places. Usually, one major reason for bending slats is because some strings get messed up and pull on slats differently. Be sure to spot any discoloring of their surfaces as well. All these problems can be sorted easily.

Repaint or Respray to Bring New Life to Window Blinds

Metal venetian blinds provide a great option for repainting unlike other window blinds including wooden or verticals blinds. Since, they already have coating of paint on their surface, the process can be repeated as many times as needed. Repainting can make them look fresh and new again.

If you have discoloring on your blinds or want to change their color anyway, repainting can be a safe option. Where new metal window blinds might cost you 50-60 dollars, repainting and making them fresh again can be done for much less.

Spray paints or even paint brush options are available easily in the market for metallic blinds. Do make sure to remove your blinds from windows before applying the paint. Follow all recommended procedures and bring some new life into your old aluminum window blinds.

Replace Any Broken, Bent or Damaged Slats

Usually, broken or bent slats are pretty easy to spot. They are available in many different colors from blinds sellers and retailers as well. Usually, the best thing to do is to get some extra replacement slats with your blinds purchase. This will ensure availability when you need it most.

You will need to loosen the strings of the particular slats that are to be replaced. The best practice is to untie all the lower strings and tie them back again. Pull out bent or damaged slats carefully without damaging the strings or any other slats. Slide the new ones in place and tie the strings back.

Replacing damage slats can make your aluminum window blinds look neat, tidy and good as new again. This will save you money as well as not waste excessive materials as well. Damaged slats can be replaced on wooden window blinds as well following the same procedure.

Replace Aluminum Blinds Strings When Needed

Another common problem with metallic window blinds is damaged or broken strings. This may stop them from functioning the way they are supposed to. Also, strings or these aluminum window blinds can be easily replaced as well provided you know how to tie them up.

Tutorials are available on the internet on how to do this. Replacement strings are available for cheap and will make your blinds function properly again. You need their strings functionality for opening or closing on windows anytime of the day or night.

Some motorized aluminum blinds also use strings for opening or closing. In both manual and automated blinds cases, you can replace strings for best results. Get durable nylon strings that will last a long time as well. All kinds of strings are available at affordable prices from blinds sellers.

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