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Silkier, smoother, thicker – what we all desire our hair to be! Nowadays, people are so much concerned about the external beauty of oneself! It’s quite common to see that they spend a lot on salon treatment and extravagant beauty products to keep their hair lustrous and gorgeous. But getting that perfect hair texture is not that much hard! Keep on reading to gain some detailed knowledge on beauty tips for hair, and get ready to improve your overall hair care mantras.

  • The Secrets of Healthy Hair 

Generally, hair textures fall under the following categories: straight, curly, wavy. Each type has its concerns. You have to figure out your problems and then rely on the best hair care solutions for owning the perfect manageable hair. Here are some of the basic hair care tips and tricks you can follow for every hair type.

  • Cleanse your scalp

The most sensitive part of your hair is the scalp. Start taking care of your scalp by cleansing it regularly with mild shampoos to prevent dirt, damage, and hair loss. It’s advisable to clean your hair every 2-3 days a week. After shampooing, apply a hair serum to keep your hair nourished and manageable. Don’t go for daily cleansing, as it may take out the natural oils from the hair and cause the scalp to become dry. Those who go out every day can use dry shampoo for instant freshness. Try to mix brands from time to time to see which works best for you. But, don’t run after shampoos with harsh chemicals, which damage the pH level of your scalp in the long run.

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  • Massage your head

Massaging your scalp regularly will help to relax your mind and stimulate blood circulation in hair roots. Today, the biggest reason for hair loss is nothing but stress. Therefore, to keep you at ease, head massaging will help transmit additional nutrients to the hair follicles. It will ultimately improve the overall texture and growth of your hair, relieve stress.

  • Use Conditioner

Your scalp, as well as hair, needs to be well hydrated and moisturized. Keep in mind that the conditioner should not be applied to the scalp. Choose hair conditioners consisting of natural oils, glycerine, or shea butter for retaining moisture locked in. Applying deep hydrating masks or leave-in conditioners depending on your hair type once a week will be a very good idea for keeping your hair healthy and beautiful.

  • Brush your hair properly 

Choose a wide-tooth and wooden Comb over plastic ones to de-tangling your hair gently. It helps to get rid of unavoidable breakage, which leads to hair fall. Always go for brushing your hair before shampooing. Never brush your hair when it is wet as it is disruptive to the hair cuticle and causes breakage. A boar bristle hairbrush will reduce frizziness and effectively distribute the natural oils across the scalp and hair cuticles.

  • Don’t tighten your hair

Regular use of tight hair clips and knots can make your hair roots weak and cause split ends. Friction while sleeping at night can also cause the breakage of hair strands. Always try to tie hair in a loose bun or braid or use a hair cap to prevent your hair from dirt and pollution. Change your pillowcases every other day, mostly in the summer season. Or switch your regular cotton pillow covers with a satin or silk one.

  • Keep hair away from hot water

The most vital point for getting healthy hair is avoiding hot water. This can squeeze out the natural oils from hair and make it dry. Doctors always suggest removing hair dirt by shampooing in lukewarm water and finishing it off with cold water to close the hair cuticles. Regularly, slightly dab your scalp and wrap hair with a soft towel or old t-shirts to allow it to air-dry naturally.

  • Avoid the use of heat styling tools

These days, more or less, every person uses some styling tools regularly for a polished get-up. But, remember that regular usage of modern heat styling tools can minimize surface moisture and cause your hair to become brittle and damaged. It’s not a good idea to iron your hair in either wet or dry condition. Therefore, using heat styling tools and curling iron with the lowest heating setting should be the last option. And don’t forget to use a heat-protecting spray after that.

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  • Trim your hair regularly

If you realize that your hair looks unmanaged and unhealthy, then it’s time for a snip! Keep in mind that regular hair trimming every 6 to 8 weeks is an excellent way for overall hair growth and minimizing split ends and damage.

  • Keep an eye on your diet

Include the following nutrients in your daily diet for benefiting your hair. You can only have beautiful hair when your inner body is fit. Don’t forget to eat omega-3 fatty acids required for overall hydration and a healthy scalp. Including Vitamin A and C-rich foods in the diet will be beneficial to produce natural oils and collagen for fortifying hair. Consume a required amount of Protein, which is the main building block of your hair. You start noticing dryness and brittleness in your hair if you lack it. Another prominent nutrient for gaining healthy hair is Iron. Without this, your hair growth may be affected.

The Bottom Line

Good gut health is all you need to get the hair you deserve. Searching random hair care products and then adopting the most suitable one may take a few weeks. But once it’s figured out, you don’t need to look back. You’ll go a long way towards getting the hair you always dream of. Don’t expect dramatic changes overnight. It takes at least a month to see the results. Remember, consistency is the key to achieving healthy hair.

Let your hair breathe! As much as you let your hair leave like its own, the more it works wonders. Adopting healthy hair care routines and getting help from a professional hairstylist is the ultimate mantra for achieving natural and bouncy hair everyone got envious of.

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