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How Long Does Microblading Eyebrows Take To Recover?

Microblading eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most intense facial features. And not everyone is born with perfect and fuller brows. Fortunately, microblading gives you the opportunity of getting your feathery and full dream eyebrows. Microblading is a form of eyebrow technique, which fills in your eyebrows to look fuller and thicker. In this blog, we are going into detail about the microblading healing process.

Why Is Eyebrow Microblading Becoming So Popular?

Clients across the world love to do Microblading Eyebrows over tattooing as it creates a natural-looking outlook. The trained microblading artist gives the perfect shape of the brows with the help of a microblade pen. And it easily blends with the existing brows and complements each customer’s face and skin tone. Moreover, the result is instant. The process is also known as:

  • Microstroking

  • Semi-permanent makeup

  • 3-D eyebrow embroidery

  • Cosmetic tattooing

The microblading results are long-lasting when compared to tattooing. They can remain firm under sweating or any sudden face wipes. On average, the result is durable for up to 3 years.

Microbladed eyebrows need very little maintenance. After the actual procedure, clients hardly require a short follow-up of half an hour with a technician to examine that the eyebrows are recovering properly. This non-invasive procedure can give the clients faster results within a few days.

Another cause for the ever-growing popularity of microblading is that it is customizable. Each client can discuss with their technician about their intended brow shape and fullness. There is no need to doing guesswork for getting the perfect eyebrow.

This non-invasive procedure of microblading covers the minimal risk. However, accidents can happen anytime, or your client may not be satisfied with the result. So, for protecting your business and your aestheticians in case of a lawsuit, make them underinsured.

Eyebrow Microblading Healing Process

Since microblading includes tiny cuts into the skin, it’s essential to know how long it takes to heal completely! Persistence and discipline is the main mantra of healing your wounds.

Everyone has a different skin texture, so it can’t be possible to heal in the same way. Some people heal fast, while others require one and a half month or more for a full recovery. 

The microblading healing process usually takes 25 – 30 days. Here a brief on the healing day by day. Usually, the healing process goes through 6 stages after the procedure, some of which may extend also.

The common stages of the microblading healing process include:

  • Puffed and dark eyebrows for the first 5 days.

  • Skin started to flake off for up to 10 days.

  • The pigmentation of eyebrows becomes light.

  • In the second & third week, the natural colour gets back but looking patchy.

  • A follow-up with the technician for touch up is needed within 2 months after the first session.

  • The client gets total recovery after a few days of touch up.

After a month or two, you must follow-up with your cosmetologist to check on your healing conditions or fix any spots, if any.

Determinants Of Healing Process

However, the healing time will be different from person to person.

  • Your age

  • Overall health condition

  • Skin type (oily, dry, or combination)

  • Usually, during the first two weeks, your eyebrows will change in appearance, colour, and texture daily.


The healing time of microblade eyebrows depends upon the client’s patience level and maintenance. Don’t plan any important meetings or events within one month of your microblading session to make the treatment smooth and successful.

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