Ideas to Get a Physical Mailing Address in New York


A physical mailing address serves multiple purposes, both for individuals, as well as businesses. As apparent from its name, it is the location where all of your emails are delivered. But apart from that, it offers a lot more.

When you are looking for mailing services NYC, you are looking for an address that serves as a physical location. It provides an identity to your business and increases prestige associated with it while providing a professional outlook to investors and customers. 

Mailing services NYC

What is a Mailing Address?

In simple terms, when you are availing mailing services NYC, a physical mailing address provides you with a physical street location where you can have your mail delivered.

It differed from a standard PO Box in the essence that you can have packages from standard mail couriers as well as the US postal service delivered to the location.

Whether you are a small business looking for a business address, or just someone who is looking for a mail address in NYC for personal use, a physical mailing address is an answer to your requirements. 

A Physical Mailing Address can be Beneficial to a Large Number of People:

Home-based and online businesses are typically small businesses that operate from their homes or small private facilities. Having a physical business mailing address helps them keep their business and private addresses separate, while also providing a physical location to their business. 


Startups are mostly dependent on mailing services NYC to manage a business without actually having a physical location. As a start-up, it is difficult to manage the high overhead costs of a physical office; hence having a mailing address for your business is a viable alternative. 

Foreign Businesses: 

If your company is looking to expand into a new location, it is more sensible to have a physical mailing address, to begin with, before gradually expanding into a physical office location. 

How to Obtain a Physical Mailing Address for Your Business 

Availing mailing services NYC and maintaining a physical mailing address is pretty simple. The following steps summarise the process of getting a physical mailing address: 

Getting a NYMail Mailbox: 

If you are looking for a physical address for your mail and packages to be delivered to, this is the option for you. A NYMail mailbox service provides you with a mail storage facility. 

They accept packages from all the different courier services and keep them stored safely for you to pick up at your convenience. Your mail gets stored at one particular location only, and you get notified when a mail comes in. One key disadvantage that it provides is that you have to be present in-person to access the mail. 

Virtual Mailing Address 

This is the new generation of mailing address services. Having a virtual mailing address means you can access your mail that is delivered to your mailing address from anywhere in the world via the internet.

Once you get the notification of the mail being received, with a scanned image, you can choose to shred, open, or archive the mail. The mailing service will accordingly open and scan you the mail if you choose to open it or archive it for you to pick up later if you choose that option.  

Having a physical mailing address allows you to keep your business email organized while maintaining a physical address for your business at the same time. With the increasing real estate costs, it is a great option for smaller businesses and startups to benefit from a mailing address at a fraction of the cost. 

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