Bitdefender: How To Activate The Subscription, And Is It Worth Buying?


Bitdefender Internet Security is more than essential protection for your device. For many years now, it is one of the most preferred antivirus software. Its additional features make sure your computer’s advanced security as well as secure your online browsing, banking, and shopping.

Bitdefender Internet Security: Protection, Features, And Performance

It has features like potential monitoring, advanced firewall, and data encryption. It launches and configures various scans along with advanced settings to ensure web protection. Bitdefender’s firewall runs in the background and determines whether certain websites on the internet can be accessed or should be blocked. You will be able to change its default decisions and set up your own. There is also a feature in Bitdefender that gives you warnings about missing updates, weak passwords, and insecure networks.

Bitdefender has two modules to defeat ransomware. Another protection feature is Bitdefender Rescue Environment. The feature sets up a minimum rescue environment on your hard disk and many other essential protections.

Bitdefender provides you with a locked-down Safepay browser. It will be quite disturbing to use it as an everyday browser, but this browser is perfect for while you are banking or shipping online. Its VPN service secures your web browsing from adware. The feature that is Bitdefender parents’ favorite is the parental controls. If this feature is activated in your child’s computer, you can monitor their online browsing and even have the ability to approve your child’s access to a specific app or website.

 It may sound a slightly control freaky, but Bitdefender gives you the facility to monitor your child’s phone’s contacts and track their location, through its Android app.

How to activate Bitdefender Internet Security?

Bitdefender will not start working if you install the software. Before installing it, you have to give them the subscription activation code or the Bitdefender key. Then install the application, and you are good to go.

  • Open the Bitdefender central and sign in to your account
  • Look for the My subscriptions panel on the left side and click on it
  • Next click on the Activation code button and after that write down the code in the corresponding field
  • Now click on Activate
  • Next, click on Protect Your First Device and install Bitdefender.

If you buy your Bitdefender product online and pay via credit card or PayPal, the Bitdefender key or the activation code will be sent to you by email, and if paid through a check, the code will be delivered once the payment is confirmed.

If you are worried about the price of the Bitdefender key, you might be relieved to know that, now, it’s not a problem to find a few cheap Bitdefender keys. All you need to do is, look for the keys in a few trusted websites.

Which one is better between Bitdefender Internet security and Total security?

Internet security and Total security works efficiently on MS Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. If the center of your concern is malware virus, then both of these will protect your device and secure your online browsing via Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and other commonly used software. In simple words, both versions can give you protection from common security threats.

The difference is between a few advanced tools and additional features. Total security can give protection to multiple devices, and Internet security works only on Windows PC. So, in the end, you should buy the product that fits perfectly with your requirements.

Final words

If you want to buy Bitdefender internet security but am still not sure which one is correct for you, total security or Internet security, you can judge it yourself with the free trial version of Bitdefender products. The trial versions will provide you the same services that you will receive from a paid subscription.

It is to say that both if the versions will not disappoint you, but you must choose exactly what you need.


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