Largest Mobile Network Operators In The Whole World


There are many top mobile network provider companies in the world. They assure to give the best services as compared to their competitors. In our last topic which was related to the mobile network service providers in the US we have the top four network service provider companies viz., AT&T, Sprint, Metro by T-Mobile (previously known as Metro PCS), and the Verizon Communications. These are the top four companies in the US that provides the best network services.

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Cellular network provider is the other term used for the mobile network operator. There are other terms as wireless service providers, mobile network carriers. The telecommunications have visibly developed for the last two decades. This has become one of the day to day life part of everyone’s life in the world. 

In today’s article I will be listing some of the top mobile network operators of the world.


  • China Mobile


China mobile is undoubtedly the biggest mobile network operator in the world. It has over 851.2 million subscribers. The China mobile has come up in the year 1999 as the result of China Mobile break, which was initially started on 3rd September 1997. The head office of the China Mobile is in the Beijing. China Mobile is under the control of the Republic Of China and is owned as an Enterprise by the state. China mobile is listed in the Hong Kong stock exchange and also in the NYSE as a public company. China Mobile holds 70% of the market shares. The 30% shares are 20% being held by China Unicom, and 10% by the China Telecoms. In 2007 the China Mobile purchased the Paktel, the Pakistan Telecommunication Network provider company, and renamed it as Zong after a year.

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  • Vodafone


Vodafone is the second-largest company in the world in mobile network service providers. Vodafone has around 469.7 million users all over the world. The head office of Vodafone is situated in London, United Kingdom. Vodafone has its services in Oceania, Africa, Europe, and Asia. This company was established in the year 1991. Vodafone has it’s network services in over 26 countries and also provide the partner services in around 50 countries. Vodafone also provides IT services to its client partners in around 150 countries of the world.


  • Airtel


Airtel is the Indian telecommunication service provider. Airtel has around 348.1 million subscribers in the world. Airtel is the third largest mobile network operator company in the world. This company was founded in 1995 by Sunil Bharti Mittal by the name of Bharti Airtel. The head office of Bharti Airtel is in New Delhi. Depending on where the country is located company offers the voice services to its subscribers. Airtel also offers the services 4g LTE, GSM, and fixed-line broadband services. In the regions of South Asia and Africa Airtel operates in about 18 countries. The equipments are provided by Nokia Solutions And Networks together with Erricson to Airtel. Whereas the IBM is the IT support provider to Airtel.


  • Other Network Operators


The telecom industry is a never-ending industry now. This is the fastest and largest growing industry, so there might be more mobile network providers that can emerge in the future. There are still many other companies that offer good services with good mobile network quality as well other than the above operators. The other top mobile operators in the world are America Mobile, Telefonica, China Unicom, MTN, China Telecom, Telenor, and Vimpelcom. 

Conclusion: Other than the above discussed mobile operators there are many other mobile network operators. The above data is according to the subscriber’s number and the network quality provided by them.

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