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Largest city and capital of the UK, situated on the river Thames, London is history old city that has been first and foremost choice of foreigners to settle here. London boasts of having the biggest network of urban transport in the world. Consisting of 32 boroughs, London has well integrated and organized road, bus and river systems. It goes without saying that there is no dearth of cab service in London which allures the visitors from all over the world. Truly, the citys’ transport has charismatic and magical charm. 

An overview of London transport system

London is unique and matchless being history old. Consisting of 32 boroughs, the Overground, Underground Tube and National Rail Services are grouped into nine zones. Central London falls in the Zones 1 and 2 and towards its superb, this numbering follows onwards. 

Docklands Light Railway (DLR), Overground Rail, Underground (The Tube), Rail Services, Iconic Red Buses, Tram, The Emirates Air Line Cable, Cabs and Cycle Hire are convenient ways to explore the hidden beauties of great city. Cab to Any London Airport can easily be had anytime and from anywhere. Let us unfold these modes of transport in a little bit detail:

  • River Boat

The thrilling transport, Thames Clipper boat service is operated between Greenwich and Putney. Halting is carried out at certain stations of Central London stations. Through this unique and matchless journey, you can have majestic and awe-inspiring view of London.

  • Cabs

The popular black cabs are available and can be had from anywhere in London just by halting them. Now with the advancement of technology, the Uber like apps have made various easy options to book the cab conveniently from your phone. Though a little bit expensive, Cabs are preferred by the local residents of London for swift travel. Chauffeur driven cab in London is for elites, of course.

  • Docklands Light Railway (DLR)

This unique service joins the City Airport with the Emirates Cable Car. In addition to it, this DLR is driverless railway that connects The Tube at different junctions. 

  • Overground Rail

The Overground Rail or simply the local train, stretches across the London slightly at a distance from the Tube network. This is really boon and blessing for the locals of London because these railway lines are connected with the famous Tube Network. 

  • Underground (The Tube)

Popularly referred as The Tube, The London Underground connects the central London with the rest parts and offers a convenient mode of transportation for the people. This service remains open from early morning hours till midnight. It has eleven lines apart from Overground services.

  • Rail Services

Many suburbs of the city of London are connected by this rail service as these areas are neither connected by Underground nor by Overground transport. Being distant from the Transport of London, the Rails service is only mode to connect them with the main city of London.

  • The Emirates Air Line Cable

The River Thames has always mesmerized and stunned the viewers and the Emirates Air Line Cable offers a rare opportunity to absorb the beauty of this wonderful masterpiece. This should be in your must-see list. This cable connects the Royal Docks with the Greenwich Peninsula. Graced with frequency of thirty seconds, it is the fastest transportation option for you.

  • Iconic Red Buses

Famously known as Red Buses, are the iconic value for the city. These buses connect the various locations situated in suburb of London. The service of these buses is available day and night, so are very convenient mode of transportation for the locals. However, the night service of these buses is connected with the Tube.

  • Tram

A unique and comfortable mean of transportation found in London that connects the various important places of the city. You can avail the best opportunity of purchasing a Pass that will suit both for tram and bus travel.

  • Cycle Hire

This is the affordable and comfortable to travel short distances preferred by the Londoners. You will find the Boris Bikes or Santander Cycles on all the streets of London. Initial payment is done through credit or debit card and rest of the payment you can make at your own leisure.

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