Remote Patient Monitoring: Best Solutions During Covid-19 Pandemic

rpm solution during covid 19

COVID-19 has affected our wellbeing in some quite clear methods and so that we’re just starting to forecast the longer-term effects. It’s contributed to tired clinicians, postponed treatment or care for individuals with non-COVID-19 wellness difficulties, and a lot more pressures on our health ecosystem.

The pandemic has also compelled many modifications on the wellbeing, a number of these that might lead to better patient care today and post-pandemic.

One of those positive developments is the increase in Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), digital health, and virtual visit solutions for chronic health management, and other non-emergent experiences of care. RPM is now a viable option for patients that need regular Crucial support from Healthcare providers

Remote patient monitoring solutions can empower clinicians to gather this important information whilst still fulfilling patients remotely. While the near-term advantage is decreasing the danger of the individual contracting COVID-19 at the medical setting, the long-term advantages of RPM are it can enhance quality of care, decrease expensive ER visits, and possibly improve health effects.

Regardless of the challenges of this outbreak, it’s still feasible for healthcare organizations to successfully establish and scale remote patient monitoring devices, using just a tiny bit of patience and determination. 

Reasons: Why Remote Patient Monitoring is the Best Solutions During Covid-19 Pandemic?


  • Solutions Advised by Research on Challenges and Obstacles Guarantees Utilization – 

Prosperous remote patient monitoring solutions will probably be preceded by a study on barriers or obstacles associated with use for both patients and clinicians so that they may be mitigated to your best possible results. These obstacles might be psychological, social, ecological or motivational as well as the plan of this remedy ought to help patients to conquer them.

  • Solutions with Additional Digital Wellness Tools Support Achievement – 

Linking outside into or integrating with additional clinically-relevant digital wellness programs and programs that can address co-morbidities or associated lifestyle behaviours through new and partnership agreements may also encourage patient achievement, especially if they’re with applications patients are already utilizing. 

  • Remote Patient Monitoring Devices more Effective

RPM data collection needs peer-to-peer participation between clinicians and patients is still a means away and identifying methods to replicate this in-house experience practically will be significant to the adoption of this solution. Longer-term it may place your schedule for a wider reach to individuals who could be remote from practices that lack transport.

  • Consider the Digital Device

Since COVID has emphasized the disparity in access to healthcare via technologies, it’s very important to look at how you could create the RPM alternative accessible to most of the sections of your intended patient population. Based upon the chronic condition the alternative covers, the illness might happen at a greater prevalence in more vulnerable people. 

Together with CMS relaxing recommendations of what insurers could give to members this past calendar year, this introduced a chance to fulfill this gap by allowing insurance companies to give technology to their patients that lacked it. 

Researching these and other publication options to attract remote patient monitoring solutions to the sufferers who need it can assist you to conquer the digital divide and enhance patient results in an honorable way.

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