The Importance of Warming Up before training for BJJ


There are two kinds of people who wake up to train for a sport they like; one who just cannot wait to start with their routine and the other who are dreading waking up and just want to get to the routine.

However, for both such people the thought of first warming up can be awful. However it is very important to first do a brief warm up. It is especially important if you’re training for a particular kind of sport. It’s the same as wearing the correct active wear required for a specific sport; it is designed to help you perform your best.

Warming up and cooling down are two very important parts of doing any kind of training, even for a simple kind of workout; however often they are not given the importance they are due. Warm up exercises are basically low intensity exercises that help you prepare your body for a hardcore workout. They help loosening up your joints and muscles and also mentally prepare you. This might not mean a lot but they actually help prevent injuries, bruises and muscle ruptures that you might get if your body is not ready.

Another analogy for those who still are not convinced! Warming up before a workout holds the same importance as how you don’t just walk into a shower because you can risk the chance of fainting because your blood pressure might drop very quickly. Just like that when you begin a workout you need to be fully prepared by doing a warm up.

When it comes to specific sports such as the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you will never find a trainer who will not first have you warming up before your session.

Two things that you will be required to do are wearing the GI which is the dress code which is required to be worn when training for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; it is comfortable and also a high performing active wear that allows you to perform to your maximum.

If you regularly train in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you will realize that the warm up exercises are not there just to loosen up your muscles and joints but also to help you prepare yourself mentally.

If you are waking up early, or attending your training session after a strenuous job then you really need to come in the zone and concentrate on what you are going to do next. And the warm up will do that for you.

Although the kind of warm up exercises your trainer will ask you to do vary according to your trainer; however, the benefits of the warm up are the same.

We know sometimes the thought of doing frivolous jumping jacks or brisk walk before your session of summersaults, tackling another human in an intense structured confrontation, seems unnecessary.

Nevertheless, we are positive going through the advantages of a warm up before doing the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will change your mind.

Before you do just remember the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu asks a lot from your body. It requires concentration, coordination, muscle flexibility, well-built bones and joint, strong core and a lot of energy. The warm up will help:

1. Improve Circulation:

Your body needs to heat up and an improved blood flow will only help you. Your body needs a signal that tells it to be prepared, and when you do a warm up the blood flow will activate your entire body, strengthening your nervous system. You will feel energized and ready to counter any strenuous movements.

2. Improved Lung Capacity

The warm up will allow you to get into that training mode, which requires you to activate your lungs to perform better than they already are. That initial deep breathing when you begin your exercise actually helps efficiently distribute oxygen through your body. Higher levels of oxygen will then in return help rejuvenate you and prepare you for a tough workout routine.

3. Better Muscle Performance

When you do a warm up your muscles get the chance of stretching, allowing the blood to flow through them so they become more responsive. They are better able to contract and relax when they are needed to without straining them too much.

4. Prevents Injuries

It might seem silly to be talking about injuries especially with a sport like the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but the truth is that with a better blood flow, sufficient oxygen rotation and muscle performance, the risk of injuring your muscles, joints and bones are reduced significantly. So concentrate on hurting others rather than yourself!

5. Mental Preparation

As we have discussed before concentrating and putting in all your attention to your training is important, especially for a sport like the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The warm up will only help you get into the necessary zone. It will help with your mind and body coordination and also allow your brain to perform better when it comes grasping new techniques.

With all these benefits of a warm up, we highly recommend that you ignore your lazy heart and follow your brain when it tells you to do those seemingly frivolous exercises to get you started!

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