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Have Healthy Water by Using This Hydrogen Water Bottle

hydrogen water bottle

It is important to provide healthy and clean water to the people at work, so Organic Greek is the leading company in delivering quality Hydrogen water bottles. The water Bootle has a capacity of 500 ml with filter features, which are committed to remaining the water pure and organic. 

There are 4 ways to use the water bottle with the 4-in-1 unique stainless steel filter design which provides better comfort to have healthy water every time from the bottle. This bottle is designed with a stainless steel filter design.

You can add water from different tap sources and have the fresh taste of healthy water. It converts normal tap water into the form of Hydrogen-rich mineral water. However, it has a filter design w, which adds Vitamin C to water and soluble vitamin electrolyte mix that provides more comfort. 

Apart from that, you can use the Tea infuser for the healthy ionized tea to have when you need it. Even you can add the fruits to get a new taste to the water. This hydrogen water bottle converts normal water into Hydrogen ionized rich drinking water, making it healthy to have water forever.

About The Bottle:

This bottle is make of the 304 stainless steel cover and the colored lanyard, and the PP material added. Then hydrogen water bottle has high borosilicate glass to have better heat resistance, which remains the water and other Tea with constant heat for long hours. 

Apart from that, this bottle has a replaceable 304 stainless steel infuser with mineral media. The bottom of the bottle has a colored lanyard and PP material inserted satisfactorily. Therefore, it is user-friendly to handle and take pure water at any time. 

Different Types Of Minerals In The Filter:

It has 13 types of the mineral in its filter, such as

  • Clay
  • Far-infrared stone
  • Kaolin Earth
  • Maifanshi Stone
  • Muyu Jade
  • Nano Silver Powder
  • Rare Earth
  • Tourmaline
  • Zeolite

Hence, you can always have the option to the drink the healthy water from this bottle

Benefit Of Hydrogen Water Bottle:

  • You have to take some second to make women’s wellness water.
  • The bottle looks stylish design and is easy to hold and keep with you always.
  • It gives smoother-tasting water.
  • It is coated with silver ceramic and has anti-bacterial balls, which provide pure water to drink.
  • Inside the water Bootle, there is the supply of the active hydrogen ions and low negative ORP for high antioxidant potential.
  • With the help of the activated hydrogen support, it cuts down the active oxygen and gets free from radicals to drink water.

Therefore, you can take healthy water with this healthy water bottle satisfactorily. This water bottle looks stylish and lightweight to carry with you anywhere. 

You can visit the Organic Greek site to collect valid information and additional details. This website is filled with massive products and organic supplements to access at the best price in the market. 

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