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Winter Wellness: 9 Tips To Stay Healthy This Winter


Winter is the start of a New Year, as well as the beginning of new things. But to enjoy them, you need to be healthy and full of strength! After all, the cold season, in addition to the holidays, brings with it illness and a feeling of constant fatigue. Therefore, in this article, you will find out easy ways to stay healthy this winter.

Tips For Staying Healthy In Winter

  • Move More

Lack of movement is one of the pitfalls of the cold season. Once in it, we become lethargic and get tired faster, and also easily get irritated. We want to lie down and rest, but the more we lie, the more we get tired. The movement stimulates blood circulation, which helps to keep the vessels in good shape.

You should do winter sports or just walk more outdoors. You can also do exercise, practice yoga, or meditate. A sedentary lifestyle leads to blockage of blood vessels, high blood pressure, headaches, and a decrease in vitality.

  • Get Vitamin D

The mood gets spoiled by trifles, there is no appetite. Most of the time, you feel depressed and overwhelmed. One of the reasons is the short daylight hours and lack of vitamin D. It synthesizes under the influence of sunlight.

If there have no time to go out, you can just buy a quartz lamp. But try to use it according to the instructions. Eat more oily fish, eggs, cream, and olive oil.

  • Do Not Abuse Medications

Don’t rely on pills, especially don’t overdo with pain killers. This leads to impaired kidney and liver function. It is also important to consult your doctor if you think you need to take iron supplements or multivitamins. Lack of energy is often associated with low hemoglobin or vitamin deficiency. 

But misuse of drugs has special side-effects. If you suffer from headaches and get tired quickly, then take a general blood test. 

  • Alcohol-Know When To Stop

In cold weather, it is a great temptation to warm up with a glass of wine or a glass of other stronger drinks. Moreover, it also seems that alcohol helps with bad mood and depression. But this is an illusion. If you start taking it as a cure for everything in the world, you are guaranteed to exceed the safe rate.

Drink wine but no more than one or two glasses and only in good company, as well as on occasions. People who are cautious about the amount of alcohol they are drinking stay healthy. Moreover, people who drink alcoholic drinks occasionally and in small amounts live longer and have a lower risk of dying from a stroke

But excessive consumption of alcohol leads to kidney, brain, and liver damage. Without help from experts, it becomes impossible to recover from this problem. A person is required to follow the guides of a rehab center to get sober and recover early.

  • Think About Your Diet

In cold weather, the body’s heat production increases. Therefore, your diet should be different from the summer one. It does not mean that you have to lean on cakes and creams. But you should increase the usage amount of vegetables and dairy products. 

To stimulate digestion, add spices to your food: pepper, cardamom, and cloves. Honey and other such natural products will help to improve the immunity. But it is advisable to limit coffee and drink no more than two cups a day.

  • Drink Water As You Wake Up

Do you know 60% of immunity lives in the intestines? Good work of the digestive tract is the key to excellent health. But in winter, digestion and metabolism slow down.

A glass of clean, slightly warm water on an empty stomach will replenish the loss of moisture during sleep. It will also cleanse the body and improve blood circulation. You can also add a few drops of lemon to the water, or sweeten it with honey.

  • Go To Bed At 23:00 

The important hormone, melatonin gets produced during sleep. It helps to strengthen the body and fights fatigue and depression. But for that, you need to sleep properly. Go to bed earlier, like no late than 11 pm. Make sure you turn off all the lights.

The hormone melatonin loves complete darkness. Even an electronic clock display or an indicator light can reduce its production. The peak of production of this sleep hormone occurs between midnight and 3 am.

  • Find Ways To Cope With Winter Depression

Winter depression is a common occurrence. But with the arrival of warmth, this depression disappears. You can get this warmth from your family, friends, and even greenery. Green color stabilizes emotions and improves mood. The lack of greenery in winter negatively affects health. 

You can arrange a mini garden at your home. Salad, parsley, and basil are not only fragrant but also very useful. You can definitely grow these herbs from the store but try to grow them in your garden. Their freshness and aroma will help you fight winter depression.

  • Aromatherapy And Wellness

Smell greatly affects our well-being. No wonder aromatherapy is a recognized direction in medicine. Avoid black tea and try drinking herbal teas. These aromatic teas containing linden blossom, blackberry leaves, and raspberries will increase the body’s resistance to seasonal viruses. You can add ginger and cinnamon to the drink.

These fragrant spices improve body tone and well-being. Also, do not forget about essential oils. You can add them to the food while cooking or use them to massage your skin. Therefore, aromatherapy leads to the well-being of a person, especially in winter.

Summing Up

As season changes, there is a threat of viral infections. But you can fight them by following the tips mentioned above. Winter is a great season but you need to be a little careful to enjoy it to your fullest.




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