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Carpet: A Covering That Never Goes Out of Style

Carpet that never goes Out of Style

An elegant way to decorate your home is carpet upholstery that never goes out of style. Times change and stylists have fun creating interiors for homes and offices that are always different. We can certainly say that carpet is a piece of furniture that has never been neglect.

It is a textile material use to cover floors and at the same time, embellish the interiors of a house, a historic building, a museum and representative offices. If we think of the majestic cruise ships, we cannot neglect the detail of the long corridors. It leads to the carpeted cabins or to the main hall which is characterize by a unique refinement. Thanks to the carpet we will have a unique and lasting effect.

Types of Carpet

There are different types of carpet and, as we can imagine, it must be a very resistant material and capable of tolerating the most different conditions.

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This is the great value of the composition. The part of the carpet style that we see is called “fleece” and we find it in all different colors and in different textures. There are also different materials that make up the base of the carpet or the support: cotton, jute, synthetic fibers.

Bouclée Carpet

It is made of a resistant and often cut fleece in regular and straight shapes. It is characterize by its robustness and resistance to frequent passage as it does not retain fingerprints.

Sharp Carpet

The perfect solution for corridors, offices and all high traffic areas. Has a short or shaved coat. Also, perfect for temporary use and therefore also ideal in trade fair or exhibition environments.

Valluto Carpet

Soft and comfortable but delicate and therefore not suitable for transit areas because it could easily damaged.

Why use the Carpet?

Carpet is a perfect textile because it allows us to protect the flooring, create an elegant and comfortable environment, as we have already said, and it has its own function.

Carpet has its important uses and for this reason it is sometimes chosen as an alternative among the various flooring style solutions.

Some functions of the carpet:

  • Protects the floor;
  • Anti slip;
  • Perfect for thermal insulation;
  • Sound absorbing;
  • It is resistant to flames for a long time, it is fireproof.

Washing the Carpet: Hygiene and Shine

As we know, beautiful things are also those that require the most care, carpet is one of them. It needs cleaning as it is more prone to dust accumulation. It is easy to understand that a fabric exposed to frequent passage can be more easily subject to stains. Walking on carpet with unclean shoes will create an unpleasant flooring.

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It is important to clean the carpet daily with a vacuum cleaner to avoid the accumulation of dust we mentioned above and not to generate allergic forms to intolerant subjects. For areas utilize very frequently, washing at least once a year is recommend. Clearly if we have significantly dirty areas, the recommended washes increase.

We can wash the carpet with water tanks to a machine with the injection / extraction method capable of spreading water and detergent that act on the fabric; and aim to soften the dirt concentrated in the fibers.

Alternatively, there is dry cleaning. After a deep cleaning, brush and foam are passed and then left to dry and finally deeply vacuum the entire surface. But if you don’t have enough time to do it all, you can count on the deep carpet cleaning London.

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