How Much Do You Know about Mac Computer Vs Normal PC Pros and Cons?

The Mac vs. PC debate has been around for a long time. Ultimately, it boils down to personal preferences for what you like and what you want to do with the system.

Operating system

The pros and cons of the two main computer systems come from the operating system. OS X and Microsoft Windows operate differently. Depending on what you want to do, one side can do better than the other, but in the end, the decision depends on which one is more comfortable.


One thing to consider when choosing between a Mac and a PC is the other devices you currently have, such as phones, tablets, game consoles, Apple TV and other computers. You can mix operating systems, but Apple products are designed to work together, and Windows and Android products are designed to work together with PlayStation and Xbox. Some people hate the extra work that makes different devices talk to each other.

Boot Camp lets you install Windows on your Mac and switch operating systems according to your needs.

Mac Advantage 

The Mac has been involved in high-performance graphic design for some time. The reason is due to the design of the product itself. Apple products are visually appealing, and some buy them because they often look pretty. There are also graphic design tools and apps for Mac. Most popular design software is now available for Windows as well, but the perception still remains that the Mac is the computer needed for graphic design.

Compared to PCs, there are fewer viruses created for OS X because there are fewer Apple products. What’s more, Apple tightly controls its device software, so new systems have much less bloatware installed.

Apple is also known for better customer service. There are so many PC manufacturers that it is difficult to compare them directly, but in general, Apple supports their products with very good service.

Macs tend to be faster than PCs to incorporate new innovations into their designs. Because Apple products are only one manufacturer, they can be applied faster as hardware innovations like USB-C are developed.

With a small number of Mac users, Apple has taken great care to ensure that its products work with Windows software. Eventually, Macs can read drives formatted for Windows, and often convert Windows software into OS X compatible software.

Games available for Mac

For quite some time, it has been almost impossible to find a major game title that can run on the Mac operating system, which has led people to wonder if a Mac is suitable for gaming. This mood is changing as many popular games are now released for Mac gamers.

Digital distribution platforms such as Steam, and offer several games for Mac OS, many of which are also available on Microsoft Windows. What’s more, if you have both a Windows computer and a Mac, you don’t need to buy the Mac version again, even if you bought the game for Windows. Of course, the opposite is also true. STEAMCLOUD’s games are cross-platform compatible, so Windows and Mac users can play together.

If the game you want to play isn’t available in OS X, Boot Camp Assistant lets you install Windows on your Mac. Then you can run Windows games or even business applications.

Of course, just like any other system, you need to check the hardware specifications to ensure that the games you want to play run smoothly on your Mac. Usually, if you have an Intel Core processor and a separate GPU (not integrated with the CPU), you can play most games.

The design of the Mac is very good, but older Macs don’t have components installed that are powerful enough for gameplay. To run the game, you want without lag or jumble, check the specs of all your hardware, especially the integrated graphics card.

PC Advantage 

The biggest advantage of a PC is its cost. With countless relationships among PC manufacturers, you can find a wide range of devices at different price points. Only the most expensive, top-performing PCs rival Apple’s price points.

Apple is trying to catch up, but it’s true that there are more PCs with touchscreen support. Windows 8 and Windows 10 were developed with touchscreens in mind. You can turn your laptop into a tablet, your desktop can use a touchscreen monitor, and you can use your tablet like a computer.

More software has been developed for Windows PCs. Many major software developers develop multiple versions of their software, but some don’t, hoping that Apple will fill the market gap with proprietary software.

The PC is a little easier to upgrade, the more choices you have for different components. On the other hand, on a Mac, the only components that can be upgraded are memory and storage drives. PC users can choose from many motherboards, processors, storage drives, video cards, graphics cards, audio cards and memory. This allows PC users to assemble their own custom computer or upgrade an existing computer quickly and easily.

Even in the hardware field, PC has the advantage of having many connection ports and port types in one system and being able to select a system based on the number and type of connections. If a particular type of port is important, you can simply find the system with that port.

PCs have a wide variety of systems and users, so they are more backward compatible. This means you can run older versions of software or operating systems on new hardware.

You can run multiple games on your Mac as well, but PCs are generally considered more suitable for hardcore gaming.

As long as Macs and PCs are both hardware and operating system choices, the Mac vs. PC debate will continue. Each system has a number of advantages, but what really matters is what features are important to the user and for what purpose they will use the computer. Whatever you choose, please use it well.

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