How to Learn Piano From Home


Learning the piano from home allows you to learn comfortably and at your own pace. The timing is not rigid and can be a great choice for a career or business person. Deciding to learn from home is usually not a problem but starting. This post covers how you can actually begin and succeed at learning piano lessons from the comfort of your home.


If you want to learn from your home, you would need to buy your piano or alternatively a keyboard. There is no way to learn from home if you do not have access to one. If you were to go for a keyboard, which is cheaper, get the standard 88 key acoustic tone keyboard to get the feel of an actual piano.


This cannot be overemphasized. You would need to research the piano lessons and techniques so read as much as you can. Make sure you implement the theories you have read in your practice sessions. Your practice sessions must be consistent and well managed. Try to practice at least once every three days and space your practice time adequately.


Learning from home does not necessarily mean learning without guidance. You could sign up for online piano classes for adults. This would complement your personal study and give you the benefit of a streamlined course and a real tutor whom you can ask questions or get an evaluation from. This will save you a lot of time.


Since you are learning from home, you do not advantage to be evaluated by a tutor. Therefore, your family and friends are the best options. They may not be professional pianists but feedback from other people will help you gauge your progress. You don’t need to make it formal, just do a nice presentation for them and enjoy the fun. However, take their honest feedback very seriously.


The fact that you want to learn from the comfort of your home doesn’t mean that you cannot have a physical tutor. Even though it will come at a cost, the benefits far more outweigh the choice of learning on your own. A tutor keeps you accountable and motivates you to become better during the months of tutelage. The tutor also helps you to perfect rough areas, makes you avoid bad piano habits and other costly mistakes you would have otherwise made.

Learning from home requires shutting all distractions and staying through to your practice schedule. It is very easy to watch a movie or pick up your phone when learning at home so you must be disciplined. You may not also be as exposed as you would have been among other learners at a music school. But you can cover up for this by watching a lot of videos, joining a music community in your area and attending a public practice session when you have the opportunity.

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